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Helper Eirin
« on: July 12, 2013, 03:57:13 PM »


HP: 140
Atk: 70
Def: 90
Spd: 95

Abilities: Natural cure/Synchronize

Why, dear god why, is this not on standard suspects? With a rockin physical body of 140/90 and an insane 95 speed H Eirin is an absolute monster stat wise with fantastic defensive and offensive typing and the movepool to back it all up. Oh and she has natural cure, but seriously, 95 speed, on a wall with 100 special attack.

Recommended set: (So many bad names I could give this, just make one up)

(No you dont get to look at Eirin again)
The Only Set

Helper Eirin @ Leftovers
Ability: Natural Cure
EV's:Def 252/ Spd 236/ SpAtk 22
Nature: Bold (+Def/-Atk)
-Aqua Shower/Hydro Pump
-Poison Bomb/Mana burst/Toxic/Hypnosis
-Burn Powder

Usage: Attack Suwako is THREAT to so many things, Tailwinders are often running lum to avoid annoying burn. Sub CM flat out sets up on slower walls. Ya, fuck that noise, H Erin out speeds 90 base fully invested with no plus speed nature as well as +Speed base speed 80 puppets with the given EV's. H Erin can then proceed to OHKO anything weak to aqua shower/Hydro pump or simply burn stall them out with her Yoshika level physical bulk. Swapping her in is pretty damn easy given her messload of resistances (6 in total) and neutral hits. P bomb covers the ever annoying star forms and D Kayuga, mana burst hits Sara who can otherwise set up on poor Eirins face with her own crazy bulk (Inb4fanfic) and Hypnosis wrecks havoc on the special attackers your opponent will be sending in to pick on that terrible spec def stat.

A combination of H Eirin/Bulky Nature/Steel is amazing when given the right team mates since literally anything not covered by your core can be covered by a typing that gives immunity (Steel/earth/flying) or an ability (levitate, flash fire, volt absorb) and can be fast attacked or set up on. T Aya gets big props here as she can both twister and loves wish heals cause brave bird everything.

Counters: Namazu takes absolutely nothing from any of HEirins moves and can 2 hit Ko with ease via discharge. Past Fishy its a good idea to hit HEirin on her weaker spdef stat, 55 special Def its the price H Eirin pays for her otherwise amazing stat spread and with weaknesses to the common earth and reason types alongside a less used wind vulnerability she's forced out by just about any strong special attacker faster than her on the revenge kill.  She also hates spikes. Hard counters to HEirin are highly dependent on her second attacking move, Seiga, Sariel, (T)Byakuren, and the Shikieki forms can all come in on Poison Bomb HEirin and force her out with ease however they really do not enjoy taking mana bursts. On the other hand (D)Kayuga, DDaiyousie, A Patchy and the Star Saphire forms can easily take on Mana Burst HEririn, P bomb can completely ruin them though.

Options: With a swimsuit (inb4fanart) and timid+max speed spec attack Eirin also makes a fearsome bulky attacker. Just in case you want to mix things up.
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Re: [WIP]Helper Erin
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2013, 02:30:49 AM »
Bump cause fixed

(I am not making a list of every strong special attacker in the game)

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Re: [WIP]Helper Erin
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2013, 11:32:26 PM »
This has always bugged me, but I didn't mention anything because it might have been intentional... either way I'm just going to say it.
You are aware her name is spelled Eirin, right?...

I'm not sure whether I'm just missing out on a joke on anything, but oh well.

I don't think you're being asked to make a list of every strong special attacker in the game, really. Rather, mentioning a few specific threats against which HEirin can't stay in no matter what - in other words, hard counters, like DAlice - is probably what was meant. A lot of strong special attackers can threaten her, but not many are plain hard counters.

Either way, the counters section could probably use a little more work on it.

Quote from: Josh
With a swimsuit (inb4fanart)
Here you go.
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Re: [WIP]Helper Eirin
« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2013, 04:18:39 AM »
Aware of correct name spelling, yes (thus the title being correct)

Good at getting the correct spelling to work when not paying attention, no cause the extra I just does not want to happen.

Fixed though
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