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Because Aggro
« on: July 11, 2013, 07:41:31 PM »
Since just about everyone has seen this team now I may as well post it. Not really an optimal team since my approach to teambuilding is pretty much "Man, nobodys using this set, I wonder how bad it is lemme stick it on a team with 5 other fun things" or "Man Ima kill you with waifu powah". I'll probably throw some stallier/balanced/gimmicky/ teams up later (when I stop having 4 move slot/6 puppet syndrome on all of them) but meh, aggro's just too fun.


Kotohime aka Annoying

EV's:HP 252/SPD 252/Def 6
Nature: timid

Encore/Signal Beam
Light Screen
Reflect/Sleep Powder

Yup, Hyper aggro lead with no attacks...wut? Yaaaaa 120 base outspeeds just almost everything in the lead spot not named aya or speed medicine and with her bulk she can pop the appropriate screen and encore lock the opponent into spikes/Setup move if they get cheeky or just send em to sleepy land. Throw up a layer or 2 of spikes if their lead is really nonthreatening and then go into the business mons with a big ole damage reduction to set up on and a choice locked/sleeping target. When the nuke of choice finally dies feel free to send kotohime back in to do more hellish annoying. Man does she hate taunt though so signal beam is certainly an option.

Attack Murasa aka TheBoss

EV's: HP 46/ Spd/212/SpAtk 252
Nature: Modest
Ability: Swift Swim

Destiny Bond
Hydro Pump
Rain Dance
Shadow Ball

Yup, this is the only set The Boss runs, all hydro pump, all the time, The Boss dosent care about your silly accuracy and coverage, those would only detract from her battleship flipping torrent of pure, unadulterated Boss. A murasa comes in sets up rain for damn near free and sits behind her huge phys bulk and a light screen. Then she flat out kill murders anything thats not a specially bulky nature type. No, she just drags those to the briney deep with her via faster than everything D bond. The Boss isnt here to sweep though thats certainly a nice bonus if it happens. Nope, she's here to blow holes in the opposing team, she also baits out Star Sapphire forms and D Kayuga nicely and those are big trouble for the teams main sweeper. Dark immunity and her handy resistances also make her the physical bulk of the team. The boss does work (Man do I love this puppet, in case you couldn't tell)

Attack Kazami aka PimpSuit

Item: Special Bloomers (Choice Band
EV's: HP 4/ Atk 252/ Spd 252
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Overgrow

Power Whip
Poison Jab

The teams only ground immunity and one of 2 fast hard hitters. Come in on the revenge kill or a predicted earth/nature/beast move and hit the appropriate move, kill things. Easy out to the nature tanks that murasa would otherwise need to D bond and a free swap out of agi doll 's dreaded ground weakness. Hit buttons, kill things. Pimping IS easy.

Advent Marissa aka Thief

Item: Special Bloomers (Choice band)
EV's: HP 4/ Atk 252/ Spd 252
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Advent

Extreme Speed

Revenge killer/hard hitter#2, clears out annoying ghosts/faiths with D edge or E speeds off something that managed to set up in the midst of the teams onslaught and my personal middle finger to Yoshika's everywhere. Banded Yoshika 4 best Yoshika. If the way is clear just volt tackle all the things and win. theres probably something out there with better typing for the job but mari is just fun to use, also waifu in waifumon.

Goliath Doll aka BraverMiss

Item: Leftovers/ Lum berry
EV's: HP:42/ Atk 252/ Spd 216
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Maintenance

Psycho cut/Explosion/Giga Impact/Body Slam/Poison Jab/brick break/night slash

Tail Doll is insanely strong if it gets a chance to set up to +2 speed/attack and oh look, dual screen encore Kotohime. Take out her counters, set up, roll teams. Or miss braver, that works too. I prefer lefties/psycho cut simply because D hina, and maintenance already covers status quite nicely. The teams main sweeper and second phys tank. Alice does good work?

Namazu aka FISHIE!!!

Item:Chesto berry
EV's: Atk 252/ SpDef252/ Def 4
Ability: Water Absorb
Sprite: Shiny (Pinkfish)

Body Slam

Sir, you are in for a bass whoppin (I am so sorry) when this comes in, the teams only special tank and the necessary hard counter to Nitori this fish nevertheless can sweep teams by abusing its fantastic defensive typing and big ole HP stat to curse up, resto chesto, and do a pretty good Sendai impersonation.

Note: it is absolutely necessary that Namazu be pink, without the shiny sprite he loses the pure source of his power.

Thoughts/Useage on/of team

Originally this was a rain team with no less than 3 swimmers kotohime and T sanae (If you think this is bad keep in mind that my first team ran uh....6 alices). I was bad at the game. Anywho I'm only terrible now and the team has turned into something totally different.

This team is all about big threats that flat out murderkill or just set up on walls coupled with a screen abuser/spiker and fast attackers with a dash of trick/D bond to up the pressure even more. Its pretty simple and requires suprisinly little prediction for such an agressive team thanks to the combination of screens and bulk on the core of A murasa/goliath doll and namazu. That said the team has a whopping 3 earth weaknesses (on its core no less) with 1 immunity and has problems with water/nature dual types, thankfully attack kazami is here to glue the team together. Oh, and this team hates taunt, a lot. On a final note goliath doll can be dropped for tailwind momiji however I really wanted to minimize the damage nitori could do to the team on a stolen sweep and dolls ability to swap in on status has just been a godsend. In closing fun team is fun, firing off A murasa hydro pumps just feels powerful, sending a mechanized doll out to make your foes cower in fear (and hear the lamentations of their women), or hitting things with a fish like Jackie Chan in his prime is just smile inducing.

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