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TPDP to 1.8
« on: July 26, 2015, 04:22:57 PM »
I'm wondering if it would be viable/interesting to attempt a "backport" of TPDP to 1.8.

Like, port over the map layout, level curve and species distribution, while making adaptations for the 1.8 differences. For example, item shops sell evolution shards, post-III items don't get to appear, and TPDP exclusive forms get replaced with things that do exist in 1.8. Perhaps we could even add in the currently Shoddy-only forms.

Puppet redistribution could be a problem, though, since the above approach really affects the PC-98 puppets - all of them save for Kazami lack forms outside of the level-up evolution in 1.8. Furthermore, 1.8 has more exclusive species (not forms) than TPDP - the former has things like Genji, Shanghai/Hourai, Goliath and most of the Chrome Shard forms, but the latter has... Kosuzu. That's it.

Optionally, it could even come with a rebalance patch that actually tinkers with the above to make for an experience better suited to the 1.8 mechanics, and to fix oddities in the level curve like Remilia.

I lack the skill to actually hack ROMs; this is just an idle idea I felt I could brainstorm.