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Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Walkthrough
« on: February 14, 2015, 01:24:46 AM »
Ok, since I have seen many people who are lost somewhere in the game, I decided to create this guide, note that at the time this was written there was no patch, so it will be very useful for those who do not know Japanese . The guide will cover the main story, as well as the Post game.

Without further ado, let's start.

Part 1: Choose your waif-- I mean, your starter.

You begin the game talking to Yukari, who will allow you to select your gender and name, of course. Abnormally for Touhou related things, there actually are males in this game besides Rinnosuke!
As a little note, by the way, whenever a Yes/No box comes up, the top option is Yes and the bottom is No. I'm just adding this here because it isn't translated yet at the time of writing this.
Whenever you can name something, you just type it in and press the Enter key twice to accept. Backspace can be used to get out of the naming interface.

You will gain control of your character on a bus. Exit the bus and walk forward towards the Hakurei Shrine.

At the Shrine, it is important to speak with everyone. There is a woman in pink to your immediate left. To the right and up a bit is a man, and then to the left of him and up a bit is another woman. Now, make your way behind the Shrine to the left. Talk to Maribel and Renko up there. Go back in front of the Shrine and make your way to right, where you'll see a man with glasses. Speaking with him will allow you to choose your Starter Puppet.
Any Touhou character is available as a Starter. The only exceptions are the Catfish and Genjii. Also, you cannot have just Mimichan or Unzan as a Puppet, they are combined with Ruukoto and Ichirin respectively.
I am going to go with my waifu Byakuren Hijiri obviously.

Now, continue along the path to the right of the glasses man. When you enter the next area, if you do not see a tiny Yukari in front of you that runs off, then please go back to the Shrine and try talking to everyone again. Sometimes it takes a couple tries for her to appear. I find that not skipping through the dialogue quickly helps, and make sure that you spoke with both Renko and Maribel. Talk to glasses guy again just to be sure, too.
The area itself is rather linear. Just continue through the grass, and then up and to the left. From there, it's a rather clear path to a set of two stairs. Go down the steps to the right, and you'll see the tiny Yukari again.
The music will change. Go back up the steps again and you'll see some grass shake. Your character will automatically walk over, and your Starter will pop up and look at you. Marisa will then come running over and lend you her Puppet to fight the Starter. Don't worry about trying to capture it, just attack it and when it gets to low enough HP, the fight will end.

In combat, with the current translation, below every move name and next to the type you will see BP and SP. The number beside BP is the skill's Power, and the SP is the equivalent of Pokémon's PP. So, this Marisa has two Dream-type attacks, both with 55 BP and 35 SP. When you get the Starter's HP into the red, the battle will end and the Starter will join you.

Marisa will bring you to the Hakurei Shrine, which looks a bit better than it did before. Next, you'll be talking to Sanae. After the conversation is over, speak with Marisa, who will challenge you to a battle.
Marisa can be a bit tricky depending on your Starter, so don't sweat it if she beats you. The outcome has no bearing on anything. You may notice that you have a Skill with no BP. Don't use that right now. It's a stat-raising move, and will also waste a turn in this case. This fight is a fight of "Who can hit first." 
After winning or losing against Marisa, she'll leave, and you'll be back to talking with Sanae. After you're done talking to her, leave the room. You'll now be in a room with a hallway. The doorway next to the one you left is where you'll find a bed to heal in and an Akyuu (Akyuu works like Pokémon's PC).

Leave this area and head down the path out of the Hakurei Shrine area, and you'll be stopped by Sanae, who will give you 10 Seal Threads. Thread allows you to seal Puppets, allowing you to use them. She will also give you a Puppet Box, which basically allows you to use Akyuu Storage whenever you see those little Akyuus.
Head down the steps and out of the area until you see some grass. You're going to be here for a bit, since the level curve is rather high in this game. This isn't a game you can breeze through.

This is also a great time to explain how Seal Thread works.
As an example, I have my little level 5 Byakuren here, and I am fighting a level 2 Chen. First, what I will do is weaken it. Next, go to your Bag and go over to the Battle pocket (the blue one). Now, use the Seal Thread. It does miss sometimes; just try again if it does. After the seal is on the Puppet, you want to knock it out. Unlike in Pokémon, the Puppet does not have to be weakened in order to capture it. You simply have to have a seal on it when you knock it out in order to capture it. The reason why we are weakening it right now is because Seals only last for 1-3 turns, so you want to knock it out quickly once you get the seal on it. If, later on, you are confident you can 1-shot it, feel free to seal it before attacking at all.
Congratulations, you just Sealed your first Puppet!

 Some more things about combat:
All Puppets in your team will gain exp and PP after every battle. I'll go into PP in the second part of the guide, but it's basically the currency that you use to stat train, learn skills, and switch your ability with. Whenever you Seal a Puppet, they enter your team with full HP, so don't worry about having a team of knocked out Puppets early on. Finally, wild Puppets sometimes drop items when killed. These items go into your Tools pocket (red). Most of these can be sold for money (trainers do not give money when defeated), although there is an exception to that rule. I'll go into that later as well.

Anyway, in this area you can find Chen, Daiyousei, Sukuna, and Nazrin. I recommend Sealing all of them and getting your starter to level 8 or so. It might take a bit to find Sukuna as she's rare, but she's pretty good, so it might be worth it. If you need to heal, head back to the Hakurei Shrine and lie in that bed near Akyuu. You can save by pressing the S Key and going over to the little bookmark icon.

You may notice around level 7 or so that the exp-gain screen says that your Starter has gained a new skill. This is where PP comes into play. If you press the S key and go to Puppets, then select your Starter and click Edit (4th button down when you press Z on them), then a new screen will come up which will allow you to spend your PP.
Along the top of the screen you will see a number. This is the amount of PP you have. For example, my Byakuren has 16 PP available to spend. As I said earlier, you gain PP whenever you defeat a Puppet. These can be used to Reinforce Stats (option 1), Acquire Skills (option 2), and Ability Change (Option 3). Option 4 is Style Change but that is only available at level 30 and does not cost PP.

Each Skill has a PP cost to learn. For example, my Byakuren can learn a 60 Power Warrior-type skill, but it will cost 4 PP to do so. If you already have 4 skills you will have to choose one to remove, but you can always re-learn it at any time through this menu.

For Stats, you can have 64 PP total in any one stat, and you can only use 130 PP total to reinforce stats. This equals about two max stats + 2 spare points, or you can spread them around a bit. The stats are in this order: HP, Focus Attack, Focus Defense, Spread Attack, Spread Defense, and Speed. Generally, you will want an attack stat maxed (generally, whichever is higher, although there are exceptions, but I don't know them). Most of the time you will also want points in speed, unless the Puppet is going to be hopelessly slow either way (like Yuuka). Until things come out about the exact stat distributions per-style, then it may be a decent idea to not invest stats until 30, although I'm not sure how well that would work out.

Either way, you can reset stats end-game, so don't worry about it too much. Remember, that you are just adding a bonus. You will still gain stats, it's just that the ones you reinforce will be higher than they would be naturally.

Once your starter is level 8, you should be able to continue on without too much trouble. Don't worry about leveling your others, as they should level up a bit on their own. Mine were all level 6 by the time Byakuren hit 9.
Head left when you're ready out of this area. Eventually, you will see a man. He is a trainer. He sends out a level 4 Nazrin, which shouldn't be difficult for most Puppets.
Past him, you will see a grassy area. Head down through there and pick up the Yin Yang Orb containing a Fuji Rice Cookie. Then head back up to the left. There is a trainer here with a level 4 Lily. Also not hard.
Finally, you will come across a building with some people walking around.

Inside the building, there are three things of importance. The first is the lady in blue next to the Akyuu. She will heal your Puppets. The woman beside her sells healing items. The man in blue to the left of the desk sells Seals.
Please note that the second option in his dialogue allows you to sell items for money. Anything in your Tools tab aside from Magical Fragments are good to sell. For example, I have 1 Handheld Console, 6 Watches, and 5 Magical Fragments, so I can sell off the Console and Watches, but I want to keep the Fragments.
After you sell some stuff, you can buy some more Seal Thread for 200 each. The item that costs 350 is Rosary Beads, which act as Repels. You don't need them yet though.

 Other than the Shop, there isn't much else to see here except some grass. Speaking of that grass, however, I highly recommend getting your Starter up to level 10 here. As I said in the last part of the guide, level scaling is quite high in this game for trainers and bosses (not so much for wild Puppets). It shouldn't take long since most things spawn at level 4 here, and it'll save time later, and this spot is convenient since it's so close to a healer.

At some point when you go into Edit for your Puppets, you'll notice that Ability Change has unlocked. Basically, most Puppets have two abilities they can choose from (some are locked into just one though). You can use PP to switch between the two at any time. For example, I just switched Byakuren ability from Free Breathe to Light Curtain.

Once you hit level 10 with your Starter, it's safe to continue on.

Continue to the left out of the town. There is a trainer who will fight you if you talk to them. There are quite a few trainers like this, who you need to talk to in order to fight. I advise doing so, as it is always good experience. He will send out a level 5 Chen followed by another level 5 Chen. These shouldn't be too bad at this point. As you go past him, you'll see a Yin Yang Orb in the grass. As you continue forward there will be a space in the trees so you can get down there and grab that. It contains a Seal Thread.
Continue across the bridge and talk to the man, who will fight you with a level 6 Shizuha followed by a level 6 Minoriko. These may be tricky depending on your Starter. If you happen to have a Fire-type attack, use it. Shizuha is the easier one, but Minoriko has a bit more HP.

Beyond him, continue to the left (the right is a dead-end pier). You'll see a cluster of rocks up here. You'll be able to smash one of these later, so remember this spot. Continuing forward, you'll bounce into Medicine Melancholy. She'll run past you. Just keep going straight and you'll end up in the Human Village. No one in the immediate area will fight you, so you're safe for now.

It is the end of this part, but right now I will put the next part, because I have almost everything ready to be posted. Those who are lost later please wait a little.

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Re: Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Walkthrough
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2015, 03:16:07 AM »
Part 2: Enter Team 9.

Now, the Human Village is split up into three sections. You are in the most important section right now. If you go straight ahead a ways you'll come across a building with a red line across it and a sign out front. This is where you can heal your Puppets. Just talk to the lady in blue who is directly to the left of Akyuu. The lady beside her sells healing items. Below this building is a Dragon Statue. To the right of this you'll see a building with a similar banner across the top, but this time in blue. This is the item shop. The man at the counter sells Seal Thread (at the bottom). The items he sells for 1000 are all Hairpins, which are held-items. You don't need to buy them though; you'll pick them all up later in Yin Yang Orbs.
If you head across the bridge to the left of the Healing building, and then go up, you'll find a small patch of grass where you can capture Kozuzu, Keine, Sekibanki, Akyuu, and, rarely, Kokoro. Akyuu is also kind of rare sometimes. Trying to hunt down Akyuu and Kokoro is a good excuse to get the rest of your Puppets to level 10 though, which I highly recommend, either by sending them out directly, or by spamming with your Starter. I Recommend capturing kokoro, as her ability pokerface (negates attacks  side effects like "stop") will be very useful.

When you are ready, head back to the Healing building, and then head up from there, near the old woman. Up there is a large building, which is the Hieda Household. Head into the building and through the door straight ahead, and speak with Hieda no Akyuu.
When you head back outside again, you will see Wriggle Nightbug, who will then run off. Head back down near the Healing building, and then turn right until you see another opening by the houses where you can go up. Head up through the opening, where you will see Wriggle along with Mystia, Cirno, Daiyousei, and Rumia.

Save here, and fight Cirno. She can be tricky if you're not expecting her. She sends out a level 9 Rumia and a level 10 Cirno, be careful, because it can cause the state stop, preventing the afected puppet for performing any action, but  a Kokoro with Poker Face should be able to handle her.
After defeating her, you'll want to head back down, and then keep going down until you reach a bridge. Now turn to the right and cross that bridge (rather than the one that leads downwards). Here, you'll have to defeat Daiyousei. She'll send out a level 9 Cirno and a level 10 Daiyousei. Head back across the bridge. If you need to heal, you can go do that, but remember this spot, because you'll be coming right back here after.

Now, head down that other nearby bridge. Keep heading down until you reach another opening, where you will next fight Wriggle, who sends out a level 9 Daiyousei and a level 10 Wriggle.
Go back up and to the left now. Keep going left past the first opening, and to the second opening, at the end. Now go up and you'll see a Yin Yang Orb. Pick it up; it contains a Fuji Rice Cookie. Head back down and left across the bridge. Head up from here and you'll find that grass patch that you may have levelled at earlier. Go up those steps and fight Mystia. She uses a level 9 Wriggle and a level 10 Mystia.
Now head back down to that bridge near where you just picked up the Fuji Rice Cookie. From there, head down through the opening. Fight Rumia down there; she has level 10s of all of them (in this order: Cirno, Wriggle, Daiyousei, Mystia), and then a level 13 Rumia (see why I told you to level now?).

As you try to leave this area, Akyuu will approach you and ask you a question (just say Yes). She will then give you a Puppet Book (Pokedex).  You should probably head up and heal now, and pick up Thread if you need it. When you're ready (seriously, heal first. And save), head towards where you just fought Rumia, but don't go over the bridge. Instead, you'll notice that no one is blocking the way out of town now. Head that way. As you continue down this route you will be stopped by Reimu Hakurei, who will then challenge you to a rather difficult fight. She starts out with a level 10 Aya, then level 10 Suika, and, finally, a level 14 Reimu, If your starter is sound type, you are lucky, because you can exploit Reimu only Weakness.

After the fight, go to the healing building and continue where you just fought Reimu.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are playing the demo of ver 2.02 YOU WONT be able to leave the human village, thats the end of the demo.

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Re: Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Walkthrough
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Hi, I created an account just to say this. I've been lurking around here for quite some time because I've been keeping up on the translation news and such, just haven't created an account until now.
Thank you for posting this here where more people can see it, but it appears to be copied word for word from my blog here: , with the exception of starter Puppet chosen, section names, and the foreword.
I don't mind it posted, but please link to the original.
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