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Speed Kogasa
« on: June 18, 2012, 06:30:04 AM »

Speed Kogasa
Type: Ghost
Abilities: Intimidate
Base Stats:
HP: 75
Attack: 70
Defense: 70
Speed: 115
Special Attack: 90
Special Defense: 80

Speed Kogasa is among the cutest and the deadliest of 'mons, and has plenty of utility to boot. She has a threatening base 115 speed stat, ensuring that she goes first in most confrontations and does her job. Said job can be anything from KOing a weakened foe to using Twister to remove Spikes. One thing to keep in mind is that while handy, Kogasa has barely any defenses; defensively, she has 75/70/80 stats, which does not look promising at all. That said, she is a ghost type, which means that she is immune to powerful Illusion moves such as Explosion and Extremespeed, and is immune to Dark moves as well. Kogasa may not have as much type coverage as most other offensive-oriented puppets, but her efficiency and utility make her a great inclusion on nearly any team.

Kogasa has only one ability: Intimidate. Switching her into a physical sweeper either during a revenge kill or a properly predicted move will lower their attack stat by one stage, likely forcing them to switch out and allowing Kogasa an opportunity to get a free hit in. This is only part of Speed Kogasa's amazing utility, as you will soon see.

The Suncrusher
-Shadow Ball
-Hydro Pump/Surf
-Dream Eater/Ice Beam/Substitute
-Nasty Plot
Item: Salac Berry/Petaya Berry/Lum Berry
Nature: Timid (+Spd, -Atk)
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 Spd/252 SpAtk/4 HP

The Suncrusher set is built with a fairly simple mindset: get an opportunity to use Nasty Plot, then sweep. STAB Shadow Balls coming from a 558 special attack stat really hurt, and the coverage granted by this set allows her to sweep with ease. Hydro Pump is a great option for taking out Earth and Fire types, but if you dislike its accuracy, go with Surf instead. Dream Eater and Ice Beam are for coverage, but Substitute allows you to activate your pinch berry if you decided to use one, and gives even more opportunities to use Nasty Plot. Salac Berry is probably your best option here as Nasty Plot is more than a sufficient boost, and poor Kogasa can't outspeed everything without some help. However, after a Salac proc and a Nasty Plot, only special tanks and priority moves can stop her.

Anti-Spikes Utility
-Shadow Ball
-Hydro Pump/Surf
Item: Petaya Berry/Lum Berry
Nature: Timid (+Spd, -Atk)
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 Spd/252 SpAtk/4 HP

This set looks similar to the Suncrusher set, but it has more of a focus on utility as opposed to actual sweeping. Shadow Ball and Hydro Pump retain their usage from the previous set, but Twister allows Kogasa to blow away Spikes and prevent her teammates from taking any additional damage from the entry hazard. Substitute retains its use as a utility, but Whirlwind is worth mentioning in its own right. Any pseudo-hazing move is good on any team, and as a bonus, allows you to Spike shuffle your opponent for a little bit. Petaya Berry is a nasty surprise when you get low; Kogasa can start to sweep at this time and potentially destroy a good chunk of your opponent's team.

Speed Kogasa has a few other options, too. Earth types will be immune to Twister and ruin your day when trying to get rid of your Spikes, which means that Rapid Spin is a great alternative to Twister. Kogasa can use Flash and Sonicboom, but her other moves are likely better candidates unless you are, for some reason, starved for a Faith or Steel move. Icy Wind can be annoying as it lowers your opponent's speed, so it might be a viable utility move. Other than that, Speed Kogasa doesn't have many other practical options.

Counters: Since Heart resists Kogasa's STAB, many of her counters are of the Heart type. Advent Alice is a notable example, being able to shrug off anything Kogasa can do and simply Wish off the damage. Koishi, Defense Kaguya, and Defense Reisen give her a rough time as well due to their special bulk. Since Speed Kogasa is also not terribly fast or bulky, a move with massive base power coming from something faster can kill her as well. Speed Rumia, while slower, laughs at Kogasa's attacks and kills her with Shadow Ball. If you can steer Kogasa clear of her counters, though, she will be able to destroy your opponent with ease.