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[WIP]Attack Yuugi
« on: June 17, 2012, 04:42:51 PM »
WIP - No sets listed; leaves the reader to make up their own set. Lack of information on (specific) counters.

Attack Yuugi
Type: Earth/Dream
Abilities: Unnatural Strength
Base Stats:
HP: 100
Atk: 165
Def: 90
Spd: 65
SpAtk: 70
SpDef: 50

Look at this monster. She has base 165 attack and decent physical bulk. She is troublesome no matter how you look at it. She has a nice Earth\Dream typing which works well offensively. Her move pool is pretty nice in variety, containing things she needs to counter predicted Switch-ins. Now this is the big deal with her: you need to predict the switch in because for the most part, she isn't going to be able to straight out attack unless you are using a choice band set which would than allow her to be able to do a decent chunk of damage even with a resisted STAB attack. Also, she only has a base Special Defense stat of 50, so don't think you can send her in on special attackers, because it's unlikely that she will survive their assaults. Now another thing is, for the most part, teams with her should be built around her so she doesn't get flat out murdered. Despite these flaws, she is probably one of the best physical attackers in the game, and she has the ability to straight out murder anything that dares to underestimate her strength.

Recommended Moves: Super Power, Earthquake, Vital Throw, Meteor Mash, Ice Punch.
Optional stuff: Head Smash. Comet Punch, Strength, Submission, Dizzy Punch.

This set is the only set I used and the only set I would recommend either way. Now I would say this set of moves works well, but I won't. Instead, I'll just let you mess around with the moves. Superpower is probably the most recommended move because not only is it her most destructive move, she isn't going to stay in for long before she is murdered, so the drops to her stats matter very little as you'll probably want to switch out afterwards. Superpower can also be replaced by Strength, Submission or Comet Punch, the latter of which has the ability to break through Substitutes. Earthquake is her best option for a reliable earth STAB, though Head Smash can be used if you want to absolutely obliterate anything that doesn't resist it, or anything that has levitate or is a flying type. Vital throw has a 50% item knock off chance, but if you want to use Dizzy Punch for a chance at Confusion, you can do that too. Meteor Mash is a must as it allows her to hit both types that Attack Yuugi has trouble dealing with: Dark types and Flying types. Ice punch is for nature types that might go after her, and it can hit flying types if needed. That's basically all she needs to work.

Flying, Grass, Dark-types... almost anything with a good enough special attack to deal huge damage. Flying-types block her STAB combination, but they have to be careful of Meteor Mash. Grass types can come in on Earthquake and Dark-types can easily revenge kill her and take a Dream type attack.
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Re: Attack Yuugi
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2012, 09:40:09 PM »
Here's my little edit. I'm not the greatest spell checker, but meh. Does this forum have any form of spoiler boxes by any chance?

EDIT: I 'fixed' it.
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