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(well this should be interesting as I never tried making a strategy for things like this.)

Not Shiny                 Shiny

Type: Wind\Reason
Vital Spirit: Keeps you from falling asleep
Flash Fire: become immune to fire moves and increase your own fire moves strength when hit by fire moves
Base Stats
HP: 80
Attack: 75
Defense: 65
S. Attack: 140
S. Defense: 90
Speed: 90

Kirisame blows holes through teams even better then her modern self with her great offensive typing and a base 140 Special Attack. She also has access to one of the powerful reason move, Psycho Boost. Unless the Touhoumon getting hit has great special defense or resists it(or both) they are going to have a sharp blow to their HP due to that move. But that is where the good news stops. Just like her modern self(and those other forms), she cant exactly take a physical hit even with the higher HP and Defense. She isnt really as fast as her modern self either so watch out for fast foes. Another thing to note is that her ability flash fire can only be used to null fire damage as she doesn't learn any fire moves herself. She is weak to one of the most common type, Earth. But don't let these bad bits stop you from using her as she can definitely assist your team once you get rid of most of her troubles

Mana Charger
-Mana Charge
-Mana Burst\Psycho Boost
-Energy Ball\Thunder Wave
Nature: Modest\Timid
Ability: Vital Spirit or Flash Fire
EVS: Attack: 252 | Speed: 252
This is the set I like to run. Its pretty much your basic self buffing technique. Obviously Mana Charge is the key here so keep that in mind. A STAB thunderbolt can hurt once you buff up even once and plus a chance of Paralyzing a foe is pretty awesome but if you want more power at the cost of accuracy or if you have a rain team then Thunder is definitely the move for you. Mana Burst is well kind of there for the stab damage it causes though, not recommended, you can uses it to power-up Psycho Boost and just pound the enemy. Energy ball is there to, the way I like to use it, predict the opponent switching into a heart type. Though You probably better off using Thunder Wave since that could cripple the opponent, implying they aren't an Earth type. Also the ability depends how you want things to work as in if you need that fire protection get Flash Fire otherwise Vital Spirit so no sleep time(unless you use rest).

-Thunder Wave\Toxic
-Swagger\Taunt\Mana Burst
Nature: Timid
Ability: Flash Fire or Vital Spirit
EVS: HP: 200 | Speed: 190 | Special Defense: 120

Ok this set I'm going to admit fully it can either be really stupid looking or very helpful to your team(also I kind of thought of it on the spot). Now Reflect is there because well... Its the only thing allowing you to take more then 1 hit to get killed. Now Picking between Thunder wave or Toxic can be troublesome since one can slow people down and occasionally cause them to waste a turn or the other move can cause steady damage that increases. Now Wish can be really helpful especially when you need to switch into a weaken touhoumon thats where the HP evs come and help but be warn this wont be much of a recovery for some of your team mates with big HP. The last set choices can be seen like this: "HAHA! YOU HIT YOURSELF!" or "No status affecting moves for you." or "Take some minor damage you fool". Again the ability is kind of situational. Do you need that defense against fire or the defense against sleep?

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