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Speed Aya
« on: September 21, 2018, 07:29:56 AM »
Speed Aya@Food Rations
Green Mark
Ability: Free Will
64 HP/32 FoDef/34 Speed

-Foehn Winds
-Stealth Trap/Forest Therapy

A versatile supporter with solid bulk, reliable recovery and a lot of speed. The given spread lets you move first against every unboosted puppet except other Speed Aya. Foehn Winds is for STAB (Flying Frenzy is a replacement if Recoil is a concern, but it's problematic with uninvested base 80 FoAtk), Perch lets you restore HP and Changeling is a momentum tool.

Alternatives: Smash Spin, Mirage and Confine are other useful moves to put in the fourth slot and a spread of 64 HP/42 FoDef/24 Speed gives more bulk and only gets outspeed by Green Mark Speed Marisa.