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oh here comes chiruno, quick use steel beam

Naï-Chiruno.gif Naï (talk page), 09:35, 1 August 2013 (UTC)

deleting things

You wanted a page deleted yourself, too, right?

Category:Flagged for deletion and Template:Flagged for deletion

Time to use awesome deletion templates and feel like I actually know any wiki coding to begin with!

Naï-Chiruno.gif Naï (talk page), 18:24, 4 August 2013 (UTC)

Alright, thanks for that. In the future, I should probably hold off on uploading things until everything else for the page is completed.


My sig is the best

quick use steel beam

Hey, Rhet, could you please kind of... not edit move pages yet? Because of this thing, I have to eventually change the order for everything on the wiki, and that includes the move pages - in fact, that's what'll take most of the work. So every new move page that's done just adds to that workload :<

Instead, if you happen to have to edit more move pages, could you do them following the new stat order already? It's pretty much just taking the fourth number (HP/Atk/Def/Spd...) and putting it last, since the move pages don't include Cost.

Also, I'm making a general changelog page (I'll include it here soon). Every time you do something big, like creating some important template, please add a quick note there. Just remember not to do it for small or useless stuff, okay?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something: when you want to make an internal link to an existing category, using
[[:Category:Insert Awesome Category Here]]
will work as normal. Note the additional ":" in the beginning of the code.
(Also, to make slightly indented text like this... well just check the source code if you're interested, it's not difficult :<)

Naï-Chiruno.gif Naï (talk page), 15:51, 5 August 2013 (UTC)


Ehm, this'll probably sound like nitpicking, but when using Template:Flagged for deletion, it's useless if you don't put the page you want deleted in Category:Flagged for deletion, too, you know? That's how the admins know a page is supposed to be deleted... otherwise they might never see it.

By the way, here you go: Changelog! Like I said, please use this to record whatever important changes you make in the future. I could've probably set up some template which automatically adds a change into the log, but... like hell I know how to do that! It IS probably possible, but meh, kinda pointless either way.

I also updated the old to-do list (it's the Main Page discussion), but fixing all puppet pages still takes priority, don't worry too much about it for now. Feel free to update it yourself if you have some nice project in mind, too.

Also, I saw your edits to Goliath, Aki Sisters and Tenma. While I agree that the idea was nice and that you probably took your time with these edits, I felt compelled to change back the TM sections. Not only did they feel kind of flooded, but most of the time, if one of the chibis can learn said TM, then the parent will be able to learn it too, you know? And I can't really think of any exceptions other than absurd ones like CSanae's evolution into Tensoku.

Still, don't let this discourage you: not only was the idea itself very nice, it was also pretty valid, so all I did to it was taking out the TM part, really. Other than that, I reorganized the Sisters' and Tenma's egg moves into a neat oh-so-complicated table and tried to made things a bit cleaner.

We probably need to set a template to warn people that it's possible to have moves from both sides of the spectrum in Shoddy, too, like a Shoddy Goliath being able to use both Baton Pass and Tailwind (which is actually pretty convenient), while that's clearly impossible to do in-game.

Last thing: do you mind if the next puppet page edits you do also remove the space between things in (for example) "Trade / Solar Shard", too? As in, changing it to "Trade/Solar Shard" instead. It looks much cleaner that way, since the latter takes one row's space less to show.

Thanks, and sorry again for all the nitpicking :<

Naï-Chiruno.gif Naï (talk page), 21:30, 5 August 2013 (UTC)



I actually don't like the name "Lolice" very much, I usually think of lol instead of loli

For Tenma and Goliath, the problem can probably be fixed by changing the table's format. Maybe if we just add a "Learns through" column or something... that column really needs a better name tho.

Also, aren't there plenty of other mons who can only learn a few of their TMs (nothing as brutal as those two though) through their Chibi forms? Would a "(Chibi)" be good there? Or maybe if we set up one of those asterisk templates, like the ones we use for Type Effectiveness exceptions... yeah, an asterisk template can probably fix it.

Speaking of which, we can probably make those makeshift codes I put in the Type Effectiveness chart into real templates, too. Do you think it'd be useful?

Naï-Chiruno.gif Naï (talk page), 22:31, 5 August 2013 (UTC)


O hai Rhet, I see you've been working hard!

Just some random nitpicking: I noticed that you tend to do redirections such as Gothic dress just like that instead of naming the page as, say, Gothic Dress. You are aware that the URLs are case sensitive after the first capital letter, right?...

Well, either way, if you do happen to want to go around fixing it, then instead of creating new pages, just move the old ones to ones with proper capitals instead. If not, then just send me an ohai and I'll get around to fixing it myself.

Oh, I'll also get around to fixing the Goliath and Tenma pages myself later. Just cutting out the Chibi-only TMs doesn't cut it at all, a new column has to be added to the TM table.
Sure, no problem.
I just moved yesterday, so at home I have no internet, meaning it'll probably be kind of hard to do major edits for a li'l while, but hopefully I'll get to finally fix their pages by tomorrow. I want to get started on changing the Touhoudex's stat order, too.

Naï-Chiruno.gif Naï (talk page), 11:25, 10 August 2013 (UTC)


You know what? I'll just go ahead and leave the whole adjusting-the-puppet-pages thingie up to you.

Even if I did continue meddling, I don't have all the data needed for a proper puppet page (look at Parsee's pages, for example), so in the end you'd have to edit it again.

As such, will you please make sure that every puppet page has the stat orders properly changed?

(Also, as a personal favor, please take a little time to adjust Parsee's pages!)

Meanwhile, I'll dedicate myself to other projects, like world domination.

If you think the workload's too tough on you, or if I finish with other projects, just call and I'll try giving some help~.

Naï-Chiruno.gif Naï (talk page), 12:48, 12 August 2013 (UTC)


Go and make a decent sig for yourself right now. This is an order. D:<

Also, I'll only have internet at home on Saturday. That's why I'm not taking over the world doing much right now. Sorry about that qq

umad at my post amount? I'm using one of my university's PCs. Yes, it's allowed. The drawback is no Shoddy, of course.
BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THAT, JUST LOOK AT MY LAST DAMN EDIT. It took about three hours, I think. Still getting the last half done, but once the script's organized it gets pretty easy.
Of course I can do something about it, I'll hack your account and change it myself D:<

Naï-Chiruno.gif Naï (talk page), 15:22, 15 August 2013 (UTC)

Japanese names

Nitpicking II - Nitpicking Strikes Back, The Movie

So yeah, I noticed that you removed the Japanese names from CKyouko's and Kyouko's pages from no reason, and that your completed pages don't display the Japanese name for the most part.

Since you're aiming for the completion of every puppet page, it'd be helpful if you actually bothered to add the names - some of them can be obtained here, but that wiki is actually more incomplete than ours (lol).

In other words, there'll be missing names; you could look for them in every character's page in Touhouwiki. They follow the model, and they have some handy redirects, so if you type in "Parsee" it'll redirect you to "Mizuhashi Parsee".

Also, the prefixes for "Chibi", "Technical", etc. are always the same: "ちび" for Chibi, "A", "T" and so on (yes, they use the English initials) before normal forms' names, and an "A" after Advents' names. The template uses full-width characters, but our Infobox template is pretty well-configured, so when you type in a half-width A it'll convert it into a full-width one - basically, don't worry about the letters looking different.

If there's a name you can't find no matter what, just call me and I'll probably find it somehow. I know a little Japanese, too, so that helps.

Aaand, if you don't feel like it, then there's no real need to do it. It's okay for there not to be Japanese names, I'm just asking you for the sake of completion, really. Just don't go around removing the few Japanese names that we do have... :<

Naï-Chiruno.gif Naï (talk page), 22:21, 15 August 2013 (UTC)



To-do list from hell. Of course, I'll work on it myself when time allows.

Bea (talk) 16:46, 25 May 2014 (UTC)

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