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This is where you complain if you see that I accidentally f***ed up some page.

Well, I WILL be doing some kinda crazy stuff (like trying to edit some templates), but it's all for the good of Gensokyo.

Edit on Template:TypeEffectiveness complete. Hopefully the blank space issue is fixed now. (Thanks to 2Points for having such a handy name in wiki formatting!)

Naï-Chiruno.gif Naï (talk page), 08:03, 30 July 2013 (UTC)


And then I started working, and now so much's edited already that complaining would probably be kinda... pointless.

Naï-Chiruno.gif Naï (talk page), 09:38, 1 August 2013 (UTC)

What do you mean, "Ruukoto doesn't have 220 base speed"?!

Well since it seems to be official that we're switching around the order of the stat list, I guess I'll go back and mess with some of the pages that I've edited. Thanks for the head up.

Oh, and regarding Shadow Dive, the only reason I edited the page was because of the radical increase of puppets compatible with it in Emerald. So I suppose I'll start with that first since it wouldn't be fair to make you fix something I did because I didn't feel like adapting to the new stat list order.

As for Tenma/Goliath/Aki Sisters, I'll agree that it looked really messy, and I'm kind of glad that you went there to fix my shit. But there is one problem: You said that most of the time, when a Chibi learns a TM that it's parents also learn it. While this is true for most things, Tenma and Goliath decided that they were special snowflakes who deserve to have literally half their TMs only be available to their two Chibi forms. So I dunno if you think anything should be done about that. An easy solution would be to just remove the chibi-only TMs from their page, but I'll wait for response before taking action on that.


Thanks for the heads up

Yeah, I wasn't really aware that redirects were case sensitive. I guess I'll go back and fix those now.

Also, sorry for not really doing anything with the Tenma and Goliath pages. I figured that not showing the chibi TMs was better than showing them, but not saying that they were chibi TMs. Also, Doesnty was looking at her page last night and was getting confused by her TM list, so it was basically just a hastily made fix so that he would actually be able to look at it.


gotta work slow

I think I should be okay to get all of the character pages done. We're already over halfway, so I doubt that I would get overwhelmed by it. Also, I had planned on going through to double-check every page once I finish, to catch up on any mistakes I may have made.

Anyway, look luck with taking over the world whatever it is that you're doing.

--Rhetco (talk) 19:31, 12 August 2013 (UTC)

I'm not changing my boring sig and there's nothing you can do about it !!!!!!!!!!

--Rhetco (talk) 21:01, 15 August 2013 (UTC)


I removed their Japanese names because they aren't official, but I guess you could change that back if you want to.

Also, what do you mean "your completed pages don't display the Japanese name for the most part"? I've been adding the Japanese names to everything that I edit. (I might have missed some, but I plan on taking a second look at all the pages I've edited once I've gone through them all the first time)

As for the source that you chose- it isn't entirely reliable. I used it at first, but then I noticed pages like this and this. Both of these pages show their Japanese names as being 6 characters long, which is hilarious because Japanese Pokemon games have a 5 character limit. (and now that I look back on it, even I've done this for a few pages. I promise I'll take care of those soon)

This was obviously a problem for Hemo, so he made some interesting ways to get around it, as well as using additional words for chibis that don't even have anything that needs to be worked around. For example, instead of being called ちびこがさ, Chibi Kogasa is called ここがさ, which means Small Kogasa. (which is actually really redundant if you know what Kogasa means but whatever) This is done for a lot of characters whose names start with a "ko" sound.

Of course, once I found out about this kind of stuff, I did what I should have done in the first place; I started taking names from the Japanese Touhoumon Wiki As I said before, I'll double check all of the pages eventually, since I did use the English wiki for a while.

Again, the only reason I removed Kyouko's Japanese name is because she isn't in official, and I have no clue what to do for shit like Chibi Mamizou because 'chibi' is two characters and 'mamizou' is four characters and I can't speak moonrunes.

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