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Move along, nothing to see here. OUTSIDE OF ALL THESE ATTACKS OH BOY

Pound Karate Chop Knock Off Comet Punch Drain Punch Pay Day Fire Punch Ice Punch Thunderpunch Scratch Night Slash Judgement Gust Swords Dance Cut Razor Wind Gale Whirlwind Fly Bind Power Whip Vine Whip Stomp Double Kick Giga Impact Jump Kick Rolling Kick Sand Attack Headbutt Knife Throw Magic Knife Sculpture Tackle Body Slam Wrap Double Edge Thrash Head Smash Tail Whip Poison Sting Seal Needle Pin Missile Leer Bite Growl Roar Sing Jamming Sonicboom Disable Poison Tears Ember Flamethrower Mist Water Gun Hydro Pump Surf Ice Beam Blizzard Psybeam Bubblebeam Aurora Beam Hyper Beam Peck Wing Attack Submission Low Kick Counter Seismic Toss Strength Absorb Mega Drain Leech Seed Growth Razor Leaf Solarbeam Poisonpowder Stun Spore Sleep Powder Battle Chant Dark Pulse Fire Spin Thundershock Thunderbolt Thunder Wave Thunder Rock Slide Earthquake Fissure Dig Toxic Psyshot Mana Burst Hypnosis Zen Headbutt Agility Quick Attack Rage Teleport Night Shade Mimic Screech Shadow Hit Recover Harden Minimize Smokescreen Confuse Ray Withdraw Defense Curl Barrier Light Screen Haze Reflect Focus Energy Guard Metronome False Swipe Selfdestruct Mind Bomb Lick Toxic Gas Poison Bomb Fire Blast Waterfall Mana Shield Swift Skull Bash Quick Constrict Amnesia Sakuya's World Softboiled High Jump Kick Coerce Dream Eater Ominous Wind Barrage Leech Life Lovely Kiss Sky Attack Transform Bubble Dizzy Punch Burn Powder Flash Psywave Splash Proletariat Aqua Jet Explosion Fury Swipes Rest Rock Wrecker Killing Bite Sharpen Conversion Tri-Attack Heat Claw Slash Substitute Struggle Sketch Triple Kick Thief Spider Web Heart's Eye Nightmare Flame Wheel Snore Curse Flail Conversion 2 Aeroblast Cotton Spore Reversal Spite Powder Snow Protect Mach Punch Scary Face Faint Attack Sweet Kiss Belly Drum Dust Shoot Mud Shot Black Ripple Spikes Energy Ball Foresight Destiny Bond Perish Song Icy Wind Detect Lock-On Outrage Sandstorm Giga Drain Endure Smile Tremor Draw The Line Swagger Milk Drink Discharge Fury Cutter Steel Wing Charming Look Attract Sleep Talk Heal Bell Return Prank Frustration Safeguard Pain Split Sacred Fire Magnitude Dynamicpunch Brave Bird Lava Plume Baton Pass Encore Pursuit Rapid Spin Nature Power Steel Fist Metal Claw Vital Throw Energy Light Synthesis Lunatic Charge Cross Chop Twister Rain Dance Sunny Day Crunch Mirror Coat Psych Up Extremespeed Ancientpower Shadow Ball Psycho Cut Rock Smash Whirlpool Beat Up Fake Out Performance Nasty Plot Mirror Shot Mystic Water Heat Wave Hail Torment Lucky Chant Will-o-Wisp Memento Facade Focus Punch Smellingsalt Disturbance Rock Bullet Battery Charge Taunt Helping Hand Trick Recollection Wish Assist Ingrain Superpower Magic Coat Recycle Revenge Brick Break Yawn Braver Endeavor Eruption Skill Swap Imprison Refresh Shadow Dance Snatch Secret Power Shadow Dive Force Palm Camouflage Mana Charge Luster Purge Mist Ball Roost Teeter Dance Blaze Kick Mud Slap Ice Ball Needle Arm Slack Off Hyper Voice Cross Poison Crush Claw Blast Burn Hydro Cannon Meteor Mash Astonish Weather Ball Aromatherapy Fake Tears Air Slash Flare Blitz Double Team Rock Tomb Silver Wind Binding Voice Nature Sound Tickle Draco Meteor Aqua Shower Signal Beam Shadow Punch Extrasensory Soar Sand Tomb Sheer Cold Muddy Water Bullet Seed Blade Flash Ice Shard Iron Defense Block Howl Heart Break Frenzy Plant Bulk Up Bounce Earth Power Poison Jab Wanting Volt Tackle Magical Leaf Splashing Calm Mind Leaf Blade Tailwind Rock Blast Shock Wave Water Pulse Decision Psycho Boost

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