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This is a general changelog page, starting from July 25 2013. That's around the time when the wiki started being active again after a loooong period of inactivity.

Only relevant changes are recorded here. For small changes which make part of bigger projects (like fixing the puppets' pages), only the start and finishing date of such projects will be displayed.

The change list is separated week by week for convenience.

Oh, and the page doesn't really give anyone in particular more or less credit. The only things that did happen to be done exclusively by me were before Rhet joined, but since he joined we've both been sharing the work equally for the most part.

Of course, should more users decide to join and help, the log will be adjusted accordingly.

(Lol I totally felt as if I was writing those Gen I Mew research logs while I was writing this)

*Cinnabar Mansion music starts playing*


July 2013

  • 25 July: User:Naï joined the wiki.
    • Start of the Puppet page optimization project.

August 2013

  • 5 August: Creation of this page.
  • 6 August: Implementation of a second Sidebar for easier navigation.
    • Start of the Speed stat order project, which aims to change the stat order for the whole wiki. More information can be seen here.
    • A hatnote template was set up, as well as a category for Types. Start of a small project for optimization of the type pages.
  • 8 August: Template:InfoBox edited to accommodate both Fire Red and Emerald hold items.
  • 18 August: Completed the Puppet page optimization project and the Speed stat order project
    • Note that some minor errors may be present, but everything major has been finished.

May 2014

February 2019

  • 23 February: User:Schwad joined the wiki.
    • Began Image Renaming Project.
  • 25 February: Finished Image Renaming Project.
    • Created Color Templates and Attack List Templates.

March 2019

  • 2 March: Began MS (Menu Sprite) Project.
  • 3 March: Finished MS Project.
    • Began Project Puppet Upgrade (Phase 1).

May 2019

  • 25 May: Finished Project Puppet Upgrade (Phase 1).
  • 26 May: Attack page templates created.
  • 27 May: Began Project Attack Upgrade (Phase 1).

March 2020

  • 23 March: Finished Project Attack (Phase 1) and began Project Ability Upgrade.
  • 29 March: Finished Project Ability Upgrade.

April 2020

  • 14 April: Uploaded Item Sprites.
  • 15 April: Project Puppet Upgrade (Phase 2).
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