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Spr thJ 001.png
Battle Information
Type  Unknown
Category  uncategorized
PP  {{{basepp}}} (max. {{{maxpp}}})
Power  {{{power}}}
Accuracy  {{{accuracy}}}%
Priority  {{{priority}}}
Foe Foe
Self Ally
Does not affect any Puppets*
Contest Type Appeal Jam
 [[{{{contesttype}}} (Contest condition)|{{{contesttype}}}]]  0    0  
No Contest Description
Parameters and how to use:

|name=Attack's English name
|jname=Attack's Japanese name (Optional parameter)
|romanisation=Romanisation of Japanese name (Optional parameter, but required if jname is used)
|image=Attack's Image
|damagecategory=Attack's category Format as Physical, Special, or Status.
|basepp=Attack's base PP amount
|maxpp=Attack's maximized PP amount
|power=Attack's base Power
|accuracy=Attack's base Accuracy
|priority=Attack's base Priority (Optional parameter) Defaults as 0
|touches=Attack's makes contact Defaults as no
|detect=Attack's affected by Detect Defaults as no
|magiccoat=Attack's affected by Magic Coat Defaults as no
|snatch=Attack's affected by Snatch Defaults as no
|kingsrock=Attack's affected by King's Rock Defaults as no
|brightpowder=Attack's affected by Brightpowder Defaults as yes
|sound=Sound-based Attack (Optional parameter) Defaults as no
|field=Attack can be utilized outside of battle (Optional parameter) Defaults as no
|target=Whom the Attack affects Format as all, allothers, or foes for spread attacks, foe, self, or ally for single target attacks, or team or ally for team attacks.
|contesttype=Contest Type
|appeal=Number of appeal hearts
|jam=Number of jam hearts
|cdesc=Attack's Contest description
|footnotes=Any additional notes not covered (Optional parameter)}}

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