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Type Class Power Accuracy PP
Illusion Status - - 10 (16)

Can be stolen by Snatch

The user sacrifices 1/4 of their maximum HP and creates a Substitute. If stolen by Snatch, the Snatch user sacrifices their own HP to make a Substitute. A Substitute is broken once it takes more damage than was used to create it, or if the user switches out without using Baton Pass. Any excess damage on a Substitute is "lost" and will not harm the Puppet formerly behind the Substitute. Damage effectiveness is based on the typing of the Puppet behind the Substitute.

End of turn damage, such as from Sandstorm or Poison, will be applied to the Puppet behind the Substitute.

A Substitute can be Baton Passed to another Puppet, retaining however much HP it had upon being Passed over, and damage will be calculated based on the current Puppet's defenses and typing. Spikes will damage the Puppet behind the Substitute if applicable, however.

Substitute will block the effects of Leech Seed, Ghost-type Curse, Jamming, Mimic, Pain Split, Sketch, and Trick. Partial trapping moves such as Fire Spin will do damage, but they will not trap the Puppet nor will they do any end of turn damage.

Substitute will not block the effects of Charming Look, Coerce, Destiny Bond, Disable, Foresight, Haze, Imprison, Perish Song, Psych Up, Roar, Recollection, Skill Swap, Spite, Taunt, Tickle, Transform, or Whirlwind.

If a Puppet uses Yawn against a Substitute, then the move is blocked. However, Substitute will not prevent the Sleep effect from a Yawn lingering before Substitute was used..

Outside of Tickle, a Puppet behind a Substitute cannot be hit by moves that exclusively change status, such as Toxic or Screech. The secondary effects of moves such as Flamethrower cannot activate on the Puppet behind the Substitute, but will deal damage to the Substitute and potentially break it.

If a Substitute is up while switching out, and the foe uses Pursuit, the Substitute will take the damage from Pursuit. The Substitute is lost even if it doesn't break.

If a Puppet attacks itself in confusion, the damage goes straight to the Puppet and not the Substitute.

Counter and Mirror Coat will fail when used by a Puppet behind a Substitute, as the damage is hitting the Substitute and not the Puppet using the retaliation move. However, Magic Coat will still reflect moves, even if they would fail.

Berries such as Iapapa Berry will heal a Puppet behind the Substitute, but will not confuse them.

Endeavor's damage is based on the HP of the Puppet using it, not the Substitute. Prank's damage is based on the target's current HP, and can break a Substitute. False Swipe can also break Substitutes.

Intimidate will not lower the Attack of a Puppet behind a Substitute, but otherwise abilities ignore Substitute.

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