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Types Dark/Dream
Species *
Dex Number *
Height n/a / *
Cost 150
Exp. at Lv. 100 *
Abilities Own Tempo or Hustle
Egg Group No eggs
Time to hatch * cycles (??? steps)
Effort yield *
Base exp. yield *
Catch rate *
Gender ratio
FR Item None
EM Item None

Dex Entry This puppet is Shoddy-Exclusive, and does not

appear in any Touhoumon ROM Hack.

HP Attack Defense Sp.Att. Sp.Def. Speed Total
85 105 65 85 75 115 530
Type effectiveness
Dream Ghost Flying Beast Miasma Steel Dark Earth Fire
0.25x 0x 1x 1x 1x 2x 1x 1x 1x
Water Wind Nature Ice Faith Reason Heart Illusion
1x 1x 1x 1x 2x 2x 1x 0.25x
Level Up Moves
Lv Move
Chibi Pound
Chibi Leer
Chibi Swift
Chibi Knock Off
Chibi Torment
Chibi Endure
Chibi Mist
Chibi Revenge
39 Conversion
39 Conversion 2
42 Prank
45 Skill Swap
48 Thrash
1/52 Foresight
1/56 Pain Split
1/60 Reversal
1/64 Outrage
Relearn Imprison
Relearn Substitute
Relearn Slack Off
Relearn Spikes
Relearn Disable
Relearn Haze
Relearn Giga Impact
TM/HM Moves
TM Move
#1 Focus Punch
#2 Heart Break
#6 Toxic
#8 Curse
#12 Taunt
#16 Light Screen
#17 Detect
#27 Return
#31 Brick Break
#32 Double Team
#33 Reflect
#34 Energy Ball
#36 Poison Bomb
#40 Swagger
#42 Facade
#43 Secret Power
#44 Rest
#45 Attract
#46 Thief
#49 Snatch
#50 Mind Bomb
HM Move
#4 Strength
Egg Moves
Nasty Plot
Method Evolves From
Level: 38 Chibi Seija
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