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Types Steel/Dark
Species Engineer
Dex Number 191
Height 1m / 3'3"
Cost 150
Exp. at Lv. 100 1,250,000
Abilities Sturdy or Pressure
Egg Groups Humanshape/Mineral
Time to hatch 20 cycles (5120 steps)
Effort yield 3 Def
Base exp. yield 230
Catch rate 45
Gender ratio 50% female
FR Item None
EM Item None

Dex Entry Created many monsters and machines attempting to destroy

Reimu, but the reason for doing so is unknown.

HP Attack Defense Sp.Att. Sp.Def. Speed Total
85 80 110 110 70 75 530
Type effectiveness
Dream Ghost Flying Beast Miasma Steel Dark Earth Fire
1x 0x 0.5x 1x 0x 0.5x 0.5x 2x 2x
Water Wind Nature Ice Faith Reason Heart Illusion
1x 1x 1x 1x 2x 0.5x 2x 1x
Level Up Moves
Lv Move
Chibi Tackle
Chibi Harden
Chibi Sharpen
Chibi Black Ripple
Chibi Screech
Chibi Aurora Beam
Chibi Dark Pulse
Chibi Sonicboom
37 Steel Wing
40 Confuse Ray
43 Iron Defense
46 Flamethrower
50 Ice Beam
1/54 Coerce
1/58 Shadow Ball
1/62 Hyper Beam
Relearn Night Shade
Relearn Selfdestruct
Relearn Heat Claw
Relearn Sleep Talk
TM/HM Moves
TM Move
#2 Heart Break
#6 Toxic
#8 Curse
#9 Decision
#13 Ice Beam
#15 Sonicboom
#17 Detect
#19 Giga Drain
#27 Return
#30 Shadow Ball
#32 Double Team
#34 Energy Ball
#35 Flamethrower
#38 Fire Blast
#43 Secret Power
#44 Rest
#45 Attract
#47 Steel Wing
HM Move
#2 Fly
#6 Rock Smash
Egg Moves
Aurora Beam
Water Gun
Method Evolves From
Level: 36 Chibi Rika
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