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Type Class Power Accuracy PP
Illusion Status - - 10 (16)

The user falls asleep for two turns, fully restoring HP and curing ill status. If the user has the ability Early Bird, then they will only sleep for one turn. This move will fail if the user is already asleep, or if the user has the ability Insomnia or Vital Spirit.

Almost every puppet can learn this.

Method Puppets that learn this move without using TM
Level Chibi Yukari
Level Kaguya
Level Attack Kaguya
Level Defense Kaguya
Level Chibi Letty
Level Defense Yuyuko
Level Defense Meiling
Level Technical Toyohime
Level Chibi Kazami
Level Chibi Luize
Level Chibi Kana
Level Attack Lily White
Puppets that can't learn this move
Chibi Satori
Defense Satori
Reisen II
Chibi Seiga
Chibi Tojiko
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