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This is a guide for people being introduced to Touhoumon. In this guide i will talk about some things i picked up when i started learning the game. As Touhoumon is based on Pokemon, i will assume that the readers of this guide know about competitive battling in pokemon, As this will make all of my explanations easier and i have something to compare with.

First things in this new game that needs to be adressed is that as of writing this guide, there are no solid meta-game rooted in. There are some solid strategies that are tweaked as we all play but every character haven't been explored yet. There might be gems shining under Cirno's feet and Yukari might suddenly pull out a sweep from her gap. With this in mind, it is really hard to predict what is going to happen in a battle.

My tip for fixing this is simple. In the main client under the File tab you can pull up teambuilder. When having a battle pull up two teambuilders. Load the team you are using in one window and keep the other one through the battle. The first window will help you remember how your team looks like on the inside if you forget. The second window is used to fill in data on your opponents team. When they reveal a puppet, search for it's name and check out what it can do. When he switched choose a new slot and start collecting data there. I do this myself and it is really easy to keep track of my opponent. If i want to keep in mind if he used a special attack that seems out of place i can search for that attack in the movepool section and fill it in as if i was buildning a team.

The types can be hard to learn in the beginning. I won't write for every typing here as i myself are not familiar with every type and what they can do. In battle if you want to remember what is super effective against what you can use this link *CAUTION, MIGHT BE OUTDATED* Even the server admin uses this chart when battling.

Some types have been replaced, though all types changed in some way. Here are the replacements for the types that got replaced.

Fighting = Dream

Beast = Rock

Miasma = Poison

Wind = Electric

Nature = Grass

Faith = Dragon

Reason = Psychic

Heart = Bug

Illusion = Normal

Though types were replaced, so was the effectiveness chart. Keep that in mind.

(AN: This is not finished yet. If you find something wrong you are free to edit away. Please fix my grammar faults too <3)

PS: If you feel like there is anything you'd like to add feel free to do so. As long as it helps people in the process.

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