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Type Wind
Species Oarfish
Dex Number 47
Height 1m / 3'3"
Cost 100
Exp. at Lv. 100 1,000,000
Abilities Own Tempo or Static
Egg Groups Humanshape/Dragon
Time to hatch 20 cycles (5120 steps)
Effort yield 3 SAtk
Base exp. yield 200
Catch rate 45
Gender ratio 50% female
FR Item None
EM Item None
Tenshi Icon.gif

This Puppet has been altered in Touhoumon Purple.

Any changes will be marked with an asterisk(*). These changes are not implemented in other 1.8 hacks, nor are they in Shoddy.

Please note that if two elements - one unmarked and one marked - are right beside each other, Purple will only have the one with the asterisk.

Dex Entry Serves as a messenger between humans and dragons.

Can freely manipulate electricity.

HP Attack Defense Sp.Att. Sp.Def. Speed Total
90 70 80 130 90 70 530
Type effectiveness
Dream Ghost Flying Beast Miasma Steel Dark Earth Fire
1x 1x 0.5x 1x 1x 1x 1x 2x 1x
Water Wind Nature Ice Faith Reason Heart Illusion
1x 0.5x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x
Level Up Moves
Lv Move
Chibi Thundershock
Chibi Battery Charge
Chibi Thunder Wave
Chibi Bind
Chibi Shock Wave
Chibi Safeguard
Chibi Razor Wind
Chibi Discharge
37 Mirror Shot
40 Light Screen
43 Rain Dance
46 Knock Off
50 Thunderbolt
1/54 Heart's Eye
1/58 Signal Beam
1/62 Thunder
Relearn Counter
Relearn Mirror Coat
Relearn Icy Wind
Relearn Thunderpunch
Relearn Mystic Water
Relearn Sleep Talk
TM/HM Moves
TM Move
#3 Water Pulse
#7 Razor Wind
#15 Sonicboom
#16 Light Screen
#17 Detect
#18 Rain Dance
#20 Safeguard
#21 Signal Beam
#24 Thunderbolt
#25 Thunder
#27 Return
#32 Double Team
#33 Reflect
#34 Energy Ball
#37 Psycho Cut
#43 Secret Power
#44 Rest
#45 Attract
#48 Skill Swap
HM Move
#3 Surf*
#5 Flash
#7 Waterfall
Egg Moves
Power Whip
Volt Tackle
Charming Look
Magic Coat
Method Evolves From
Level: 36 Chibi Iku
Alternate Forms
Defense Iku
Technical Iku
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