Ice Punch

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Type Class Power Accuracy PP
Ice Physical 75 100 15 (24)

Deals damage and has a 10% chance to Freeze the target.

Method Puppets that learn this move
Tutor Alice
Tutor Lily Black
Level Chibi Cirno
Tutor Cirno
Tutor Rumia
Tutor Attack Keine
Tutor Koishi
Tutor Yorihime
Tutor Letty
Tutor Yuugi
Level Murasa
Tutor Kogasa
Tutor Eirin
Tutor Nitori
Tutor Komachi
Tutor Meiling
Tutor Sakuya
Tutor Ichirin
Tutor Star Sapphire
Tutor Shou
Tutor Nue
Tutor Suwako
Tutor Reimu
Tutor Elly
Egg Chibi Orange
Tutor Orange
Tutor Chiyuri
Tutor Yumemi
Tutor Sara
Tutor Hakurei
Tutor Yumeko
Tutor Shinki
Egg Chibi Mugetu
Level Chibi Mai
Tutor Helper Star Sapphire
Tutor Attack Nitori
Tutor Technical Nitori
Tutor Technical Sakuya
Tutor Helper Sakuya
Tutor Attack Rumia
Tutor Speed Rumia
Tutor Attack Koishi
Tutor Speed Koishi
Tutor Technical Hijiri
Tutor Defense Ichirin
Tutor Technical Ichirin
Tutor Speed Komachi
Tutor Attack Komachi
Tutor Attack Eirin
Tutor Helper Eirin
Tutor Attack Alice
Tutor Technical Alice
Tutor Attack Reimu
Tutor Defense Reimu
Tutor Attack Suwako
Tutor Attack Shou
Tutor Technical Shou
Tutor Defense Suwako
Tutor Speed Kogasa
Tutor Technical Kogasa
Tutor Defense Meiling
Tutor Tensoku
Tutor Speed Meiling
Tutor Defense Keine
Tutor Speed Lily Black
Tutor Attack Nue
Tutor Technical Nue
Tutor Defense Letty
Tutor Helper Letty
Tutor Speed Yorihime
Tutor Defense Yuugi
Tutor Attack Yuugi
Tutor Advent Meiling
Tutor Defense Murasa
Tutor Attack Murasa
Tutor Attack Star Sapphire
Tutor Advent Letty
Tutor Ancestor
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