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Types Faith/Water
Species Shikaisen
Dex Number 379
Height 1.9m / 6'3"
Cost 100
Exp. at Lv. 100 1,059,860
Abilities Torrent or Flash Fire
Egg Group Humanshape
Time to hatch 20 cycles (5120 steps)
Effort yield 3 Atk
Base exp. yield 215
Catch rate 45
Gender ratio 50% female
FR Item None
EM Item Swimsuit (5%)

Dex Entry Miko's faithful servant. Is very old-fashioned and

is having a hard time adjusting to Gensokyo.

HP Attack Defense Sp.Att. Sp.Def. Speed Total
95 105 90 95 70 85 540
Type effectiveness
Dream Ghost Flying Beast Miasma Steel Dark Earth Fire
1x 1x 1x 2x 2x 0.5x 1x 1x 0.25x*
Water Wind Nature Ice Faith Reason Heart Illusion
0.25x 1x 2x 0.5x 1x 2x 0.5x 1x

*Modifier applies only if running Torrent. If running Flash Fire, modifier is 0x.

Level Up Moves
Lv Move
Chibi Pound
Chibi Leer
Chibi Comet Punch
Chibi Water Gun
Chibi Focus Energy
Chibi Flame Wheel
Chibi Decision
Chibi Aqua Jet
37 Force Palm
40 Thunder Wave
43 Drain Punch
46 Water Pulse
50 Calm Mind
54 Zen Headbutt
1/58 Ancientpower
1/62 Sacred Fire
Relearn Mystic Water
Relearn Thunder
Relearn Fire Blast
Relearn Bulk Up
Relearn Rain Dance
Relearn Sunny Day
TM/HM Moves
TM Move
#1 Focus Punch
#3 Water Pulse
#4 Calm Mind
#5 Roar
#6 Toxic
#9 Decision
#11 Sunny Day
#12 Taunt
#17 Detect
#18 Rain Dance
#24 Thunderbolt
#25 Thunder
#27 Return
#31 Brick Break
#32 Double Team
#35 Flamethrower
#38 Fire Blast
#41 Will-o-Wisp
#42 Facade
#43 Secret Power
#44 Rest
#45 Attract
HM Move
#3 Surf
#4 Strength
#6 Rock Smash
#7 Waterfall
Egg Moves
Body Slam
Fire Punch
Mana Burst
Method Evolves From
Level 36 Chibi Futo
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