Fire Punch

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Type Class Power Accuracy PP
Fire Physical 75 100 15 (24)

Deals damage and has a 10% chance to Burn the target.

Method Puppets that learn this move
Tutor Alice
Tutor Remilia
Tutor Rumia
Tutor Flandre
Level Chibi Suika
Tutor Attack Keine
Tutor Koishi
Tutor Yorihime
Level Chibi Mokou
Tutor Ran
Tutor Meiling
Tutor Rin
Tutor Utsuho
Tutor Ichirin
Level Sunny Milk
Tutor Marisa
Tutor Reimu
Tutor Elly
Egg Chibi Orange
Tutor Orange
Tutor Sara
Tutor Hakurei
Tutor Shinki
Egg Chibi Gengetu
Level Chibi Yuki
Tutor Defense Sunny Milk
Tutor Technical Nitori
Tutor Attack Mokou
Tutor Defense Mokou
Tutor Attack Rumia
Tutor Speed Rumia
Tutor Attack Koishi
Tutor Speed Koishi
Tutor Technical Hijiri
Tutor Defense Ichirin
Tutor Technical Ichirin
Level Attack Kaguya
Tutor Attack Utsuho
Tutor Speed Utsuho
Tutor Attack Alice
Tutor Technical Alice
Tutor Attack Reimu
Tutor Defense Reimu
Tutor Attack Ran
Tutor Helper Ran
Tutor Speed Rin
Tutor Attack Rin
Tutor Defense Remilia
Tutor Speed Flandre
Tutor Defense Meiling
Tutor Tensoku
Tutor Attack Sunny Milk
Tutor Speed Meiling
Tutor Defense Keine
Tutor Attack Remilia
Tutor Technical Suika
Tutor Attack Flandre
Tutor Speed Yorihime
Tutor Advent Meiling
Tutor Speed Marisa
Tutor Attack Marisa
Tutor Advent Marisa
Tutor Advent Ran
Tutor Ancestor
Egg Chibi Futo
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