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For a list of commonly used damaging moves, look at the following page: Common Moves


Move Stat Stage
Agility Speed +2
Bulk Up Attack, Defense +1, +1
Calm Mind Sp.Attack, Sp.Defense +1, +1
Mana Charge Sp.Attack, Sp.Defense +1, +1
Nasty Plot Sp.Attack +2
Swords Dance Attack +2
Tailwind Attack, Speed +1, +1
Curse* Attack, Defense, Speed +1, +1, -1

*Effect exclusive to non-Ghost types. If used by Ghost types, it wields a different effect.

Status ailments

(Please keep in mind that, in standard play, only one mon on the opposing team can be asleep at a given time, and that the same holds true for freeze (Sleep/Freeze clause). Rest does not activate the Sleep clause.)

Move Status Accuracy Power
Burn Powder Burn 75 -
Confuse Ray Confusion 100 -
Hypnosis Sleep 60 -
Lovely Kiss Sleep 70 -
Sakuya's World Freeze 55 40
Sing Sleep 60 -
Sleep Powder Sleep 75 -
Spider Web Paralysis 80 50
Stun Spore Paralysis 75 -
Sweet Kiss Confusion 90 -
Thunder Wave Paralysis 100 -
Toxic Poison 85 -
Will-o-wisp Burn 75 -
Yawn* Sleep 100 -

*The opponent falls asleep at the end of the following turn. However, the effect can be avoided by switching.


Move Effect
Aromatherapy Heals status ailments of the whole team.
Heal Bell Heals status ailments of the whole team; no effect to Soundproof users.
Leech Seed Drains 12% HP of target per turn. Effects end if enemy switches out.
Recover / Roost / Slack Off / Softboiled Recovers 50% HP.
Rest Recovers 100% HP and cures status ailments. Falls asleep for two turns after use.
Synthesis Recovers 50% HP under normal conditions, 66% in Sunny Day and 25% in other weathers.
Wish Recovers 50% HP next turn. It is possible to switch out and have a teammate receive the heal.


Move Effect
Baton Pass Transfers certain effects, including stat boosts and Substitute, but also negative ones.
Encore Lock an opponent into his last move for 2-6 turns. Effect ends if enemy switches out.
Spikes Entry hazard. Deals damage every time an enemy comes in; more Spikes, more damage (3 max).
Rapid Spin Blows spikes and Leech Seed away, no effect to Steel-types.
Roar Forces switches; no effect to Gate Keeper and Soundproof users.
Sleep Talk Chooses a random move out of your moveset and uses it while asleep.
Substitute Sacrifices 25% HP to make a substitute.
Taunt Disables support moves for 2 turns. Effect ends if enemy switches out.
Charming Look Disables support moves for 2 turns. Effect ends if enemy switches out.
Twister Blows spikes and Leech Seed away, no effect to Earth-types.
Whirlwind Forces switches, no effect to Gate Keeper users.
Yawn Target falls sleep next turn. Effect does not occur if enemy switches out.
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