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This is a list of puppets who were altered in Emerald 1.8. Most of these changes are minor, and are usually related to Movepools and/or Abilities. Currently, none of these changes are implemented in Shoddy 2.

These puppets will have asterisks (*) placed beside the changes they have received.

See also Template:Puppets Changed in Emerald.


  • Since Kasen, Magic Stones, and the Ten Desires cast are not usable in 1.8 Official, any changes to them are implemented into Shoddy, and thus will not be listed here.
  • Since there are no diving spots in Kanto, only a few puppets learn the move Shadow Dive in 1.8 Official. But since diving is required to advance the plot in Hoenn, multiple Puppets were given access to the move as either an HM or an Egg Move. Thus, anything that only learns Shadow Dive in Emerald will be ignored by this category.
  • All trade evolutions in Emerald were given the alternative of evolving with a specific shard, so that they would be less of a hassle to obtain. These will also be ignored by this category so that their pages don't become cluttered. Solar Shards may be used for all of them, except for Dark Alice and Speed Sariel, who require Swift Shards instead.
  • Many puppets had their held items changed in Emerald. Those changes were done either to adapt to Emerald's atmosphere and gameplay... or just for plain convenience. Since there is a great many changes in this special case, the Info Box on all pages was instead changed to display Fire Red Hold Items and Emerald Hold Items. Do note that this may be subject to change in the future.

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