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This is a category for categories (categoryception). The categories in this category are meant to work as a classifier of sorts, so that one can see what a mon is able to do. Reverse lookup is also possible: as in, say someone wants a Cleric for their team - they can just check the Cleric category and roll from it. I think it's pretty neat, and this will certainly encourage us to think about underused mons (since every mon will have to be categorized eventually).

Note that one single mon can have any number of categories attached to it. Two notable examples are Tenma and AdTewi. To annex a category to a mon, simply link to it at the end of the page. If you want to link to a category without adding it to the page instead, please use Category:Awesome category instead (note the colon before the Category flag).

Later, category pages should be updated to not only include a list of mons, but also to have a mini-Touhoudex within so as to allow quick stat, typing and ability comparisons.

Using the WhatLinksHere function can also help, as well as the forum movesets and this page.


List of categories





Traditional roles

The Hazer category is to be treated as a normal category, and be annexed to mons with Haze as normal. Some people might be looking for a hazer specifically to counter Gatekeeper, for example.

Spikers and spinners are both to be classified as either offensive or defensive, but only within the category page itself.

Offensive support

In the spinblocker category, I think it's advisable to separate mons from Rapid Spin to Twister spinblockers. Volt Absorb mons and Zombie Fairy are also notable for the Twister immunity.

Situational roles

This category currently contains no pages or media.

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