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A list of puppets currently banned from standard Shoddy 2 play. This would be considered the "Uber" tier, if such a metagame was viable. The Shoddy thread with the official information can be found here.

These puppets are by no means unbeatable, but they are considered strictly better than the other existing options and thus overcentralizing. The Touhoumon metagame is relatively underdeveloped, and bans may change as conditions in the metagame warrant. For now, these bans exist mostly to encourage diversity.


Defense Satori

Spr thJ 282.png

DSatori is an analogue to the Pokemon Wobbuffet. She has the ability Shadow Tag, which prevents most puppets from switching out; she can then use Encore to lock her opponent into a certain move, and can then retaliate against the forced move with Counter and Mirror Coat (empowered by her enormous HP stat) with impunity. Most puppets have no option but to die when she enters play. For reference, Wobbuffet was placed in Uber tier until more powerful offensive options in Gen V made it more practical to defeat.

An additional concern is that if two DSatoris fight, neither can escape, and neither has any offensive moves, thus they will be forced to use all their PP until it turns into a Struggle match. If they both have Leftovers, the battle will become literally endless. For this reason, DSatori is unlikely to ever be unbanned.


Spr thJ 384.png

Sendai is a bulky attacker with an outstanding stat spread. She has 130 attack and is backed by 120/100/110 defenses, along with strong typing. Her movepool includes the best STAB attacks available for her types, a perfect boosting move in Curse, and even a priority attack in Rock Bullet that mitigates her low speed.

Her sheer numerical superiority makes her the uncontested best bulky attacker in the game, nearly impossible to counter with just one puppet.

Speed Aya

Spr thJ 227.png

All Aya forms have become somewhat infamous for their ruthless efficiency. She has an excellent support movepool in addition to competent attacking capabilities using her powerful STAB, Brave Bird, and High Jump Kick: combined, these two moves give her near-perfect offensive coverage. Her Flying/Wind typing has just two weaknesses, Ice and Steel, and she has coverage options that counter them both. Finally, she has Speed Boost, which nearly guarantees she will outspeed any enemy puppet.

What sets Speed Aya apart, however, is Baton Pass. Speed Aya can perform her normal support and harassment duties, and if threatened, can simply pass her Speed Boost onto any member of your team.

This aspect is thought to push a puppet that already has excellent versatility over the edge. Other Aya forms are legal for now, but Speed Aya is banned.

Transcendant Maribel

Spr thU 415.png

The simplest way to describe TrMaribel would likely be comparing her to Sendai. Indeed, their stat spreads and general characteristics are very similar, the main difference being TrMaribel is special-oriented offensively. TrMaribel doesn't get priority, and her STAB options are not as consistent as Sendai's (her only real options for an Illusion STAB are Draco Meteor or Secret Power). However, she more than makes up for it with Calm Mind, raw bulk and offensive coverage in the form of Energy Ball - combined with a Reason STAB, it hits all mons for at least neutral damage, except for Layla.

Like Sendai, she has no trouble at all in taking many consecutive super-effective hits and not only laughing it off, but OHKOing back with any of her moves. This makes her far too over-centralizing, which is why she was banned fairly quickly.

Attack Shinmyoumaru

Spr thU 411.png

Also known as ASukuna. For those familiar with Gen IV Pokemon, the simplest way to describe her would be "Garchomp+++++".

With offensive stats of 140 ATK/120 SPD, a diverse movepool allowing plenty of coverage (of note is Zen Headbutt, which covers for her Dream and Faith weaknesses]]), two excellent stat-boosting moves in Bulk Up and Swords Dance, two priority options (one of which is STAB), Substitute and Pursuit, this little girl is a monster incarnate. As if adding insult to injury, her bulk doesn't let her down either: her physical bulk sits at a comfortable 55/110, which can be further boosted by Bulk Up if the user so wishes.

Also noteworthy is her ability, Guts, which makes a Burn a powerful asset on her. She also has the option of switching into a Thunder Wave, using Swords Dance and having a good chance at a sweep with Blade Flash.

In short, she is simply too strong to be allowed in the current metagame. Hers was the single fastest ban in the history of Shoddy Touhoumon.

X Mons

Spr thP 382.png Spr thP 383.png Spr thP 384.png

These include XSuwako, XUtsuho and XTenshi. Their bans should be self-explanatory simply by looking at their stats, BSTs and abilities.

XSuwako and XUtsuho both sport absurd offensive stats in ATK and SPATK, respectively, without this hindering them back in the form of poor defenses or lack of speed, unlike mons like AYuugi, AUtsuho or APatchouli. XTenshi, on the other hand, is nearly undefeatable while retaining the ability of a potential sweep with Swords Dance. Their abilities, respectively Drizzle, Drought and Sand Stream, are also as game-changing as their other characteristics.

In fact, these mons might be too strong even for the Uber tier... it is unlikely Sendai or TrMaribel would be able to resist their assaults.

Speed Tojiko

Spr thU 427.png

I'm too lazy to write a formal explanation for this one but it's super fast with very high-power STABs in Volt Tackle, Shadow Force, and Shadow Dance. It also has servicable bulk when running a bulky Tailwind set and has enough coverage to tech around every dedicated check except Rin, which has enough reasons to be used.

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