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Puppet breeding is a method of obtaining a new Puppet by producing and hatching an Egg.


How to breed

Puppets can be bred by leaving two compatible Puppet at the Puppet Day Care found on Route 117 in Hoenn or Four Island in Kanto.

Two Puppets are compatible if they are of the same species (or share at least one Egg Group) and are of opposite genders; alternatively, breeding is usually still possible as long as one of them is Kedama, even if the other parent is genderless. Puppets in the Undiscovered Egg Group cannot breed in any way whatsoever, and Kedama cannot breed with itself.

Breeding rate

The chance of any two Puppets producing an Egg is determined by their species and their Original Trainers. The Day-Care Man will describe the two Puppets' compatibility when the Player speaks to him.

Species Original Trainer Quote Chance for Egg
Same Different "The two seem to get along very well." 70%
Same Same "The two seem to get along." 50%
Different Different
Different Same "The two don't seem to like each other much." 20%
Different Egg Groups, same gender, Undiscovered Group, or both in Ditto Group "The two prefer to play with other Puppet than each other." 0%

Receiving the Egg

When there are two compatible Puppet in the Day Care, an Egg may be generated after every 256 steps the player takes based on the chances detailed in the section above.

If an Egg was produced, the Day-Care Man will move from his default position so that the player can know he has an Egg.

The Day-Care Man will hand the Player an Egg if the Player replies that they want the Egg and if they have an empty slot in their party. If the player tells the Day-Care Man they do not want the Egg, he will permanently keep it. If the Player says they want the Egg but does not have a spare slot, the Day-Care Man will keep it until the player returns, when he will offer it again; otherwise, there is no way to refuse the Egg and receive it later.

What will hatch

After taking enough steps, the Egg will hatch into a level 5 first-stage Puppet of the female species's (or non-Kedama parent's) evolutionary chain.

There are several Puppet which can produce two different kinds of Eggs, dependent on whether or not a parent of the Egg held a specific incense when it was produced.

Sea Incense Lax Incense

Hatching Eggs

The time it takes for an Egg to hatch depends on its species's required number of Egg cycles; Puppets with fewer Egg cycles means they hatch faster.

"Time" is actually determined by Egg cycle completion, which is determined by steps or biking. An Egg cycle is a counted number of steps that activates breeding-related programs in the game. One Egg cycle lasts 256 steps. When the game reaches the end of an Egg cycle, it does a few things: the step counter for the cycle is reset to zero, the game randomly decides if an Egg is to be found at the Day Care (if compatible Puppets are present in the Day Care at the time), and all (or only a few) Eggs currently in the player's party have their Egg cycle count reduced by one. If the Egg cycle count for an Egg reaches zero after being reduced to zero, the Egg will begin to hatch. If an Egg hatches the game will not subtract an Egg cycle count from the rest of the Eggs after it in the party, ensuring that no two Eggs can hatch at the same time.

The Egg cycle's step counter can be reset by receiving an Egg from the Day-Care Man. When an Egg is received, the game resets the Egg cycle step counter to one.

There are ways to speed up the time required to hatch an Egg. Riding a Bicycle reduces the time required simply by making it faster to complete steps. From Puppet Emerald onward, if a Puppet with Flame Body or Fire Veil is in a player's party, Egg cycles are reduced by two instead of one at the end of an Egg cycle, effectively halving the steps needed to hatch the Egg. Having multiple Puppets with those Abilities or one with each will not increase the Egg cycle reduction.


Passing attacks down

The attacks obtained by a Puppet when hatching are as follows:

  • By default, the baby Puppet will start with any attacks that it learns up to level 5.
  • If both parents know an attack that the baby can learn via leveling up, the Puppet will inherit that attack.
  • If the father knows any moves that are TMs or HMs that the baby is also compatible with, it will inherit the attack. If a genderless Puppet breeds with Kedama, the resultant baby will inherit any compatible TM or HM moves that the genderless non-Kedama Puppet parent knows.
  • If the father knows any specific Egg Moves that the baby can learn, the baby will inherit the attack.

If this would result in the baby possessing more than four moves, the attacks take priority in the order listed: mother's Egg Moves, father's Egg Moves, TM and HM attacks, inherited level-up attacks, baby's default moveset.

Other Inherited Traits

A Puppet's individual values are also passed down. In FireRed based ROM Hacks, exactly three of the baby's IVs are inherited from its parents (e.g. if one parent contributes two IVs, its mate will contribute the third). The other three are determined at random, though it is possible that some of these may coincide with those of its parents without actually being inherited.

In Purple Version, the process is similar but more complicated. First, a random IV is passed from one of the parents to the baby. Afterwards, a random IV of any stat (other than HP) is passed from either parent to the baby; if it is the same stat (not necessarily the same IV value, depending on whether or not the same parent passed it on), it will override it. Finally, another random IV of any stat other than HP and Defense is passed from one of the parents to the baby; this IV will override any of the previous two if it is from the same stat. The remaining stats (a number ranging from 3 to 5) are determined at random, again with the possibility of one or more IVs coinciding with those of the parents.

In Purple Version only, if the mother (in a male-female pair) or Kedama (in a pair that includes Kedama) is holding an Everstone, the baby has a 50% chance of inheriting that Puppet's Natures.

Abilities, Orb type, and shininess can not be inherited by breeding.

Egg Groups

Egg Groups are categories which determine which Puppets are able to interbreed. Egg Groups are based on biological traits of Puppet species, generally allowing biologically similar species to breed. Egg Groups are generally preserved along evolutionary lines, but that is not always the case.

The Egg Groups are as follows: Humanshape, Monster, Water 1, Bug, Flying, Field, Fairy, Plant, Mineral, Chaos, Ditto, Dragon, and Undiscovered. There are also two unused Egg groups: Water 2 and Water 3.


The Humanshape Egg Group is the most common Egg Group. It containing 415 Puppets, 130 unique to this Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
001 Chibi Sanae None
002 Sanae None
003 Chibi Alice None
004 Alice None
005 Chibi Reisen Monster
006 Reisen Monster
007 Chibi Lily White Fairy
008 Lily White Fairy
009 Chibi Lily Black Fairy
010 Lily Black Fairy
011 Chibi Momiji Field
012 Momiji Field
013 Chibi Shizuha Plant
014 Shizuha Plant
015 Chibi Medicine Plant
016 Medicine Plant
017 Chibi Koakuma Flying
018 Koakuma Flying
019 Chibi Nazrin Field
020 Nazrin Field
021 Chibi Tokiko Flying
022 Tokiko Flying
023 Chibi Remilia Flying
024 Remilia Flying
025 Chibi Cirno Fairy
026 Cirno Fairy
027 Chibi Rumia Monster
028 Rumia Monster
029 Shanghai None
030 Chibi Flandre Monster
031 Flandre Monster
032 Hourai None
033 Chibi Youmu Field
034 Youmu Field
035 Chibi Yukari Chaos
036 Yukari Chaos
037 Chibi Suika None
038 Suika None
039 Chibi Mystia Flying
040 Mystia Flying
041 Chibi Minoriko Plant
042 Minoriko Plant
043 Chibi Keine None
044 Keine None
045 Attack Keine Monster
046 Chibi Iku Dragon
047 Iku Dragon
048 Chibi Koishi None
049 Koishi None
050 Chibi Yamame Bug
051 Yamame Bug
052 Chibi Chen Field
053 Chen Field
054 Chibi Yorihime None
055 Yorihime None
056 Chibi Kaguya None
057 Kaguya None
058 Chibi Mokou None
059 Mokou None
060 Chibi Hatate Flying
061 Hatate Flying
062 Chibi Letty Field
063 Letty Field
064 Chibi Patchouli None
065 Patchouli None
066 Chibi Yuugi Field
067 Yuugi Field
068 Chibi Tenshi Mineral
069 Tenshi Mineral
070 Chibi Parsee None
071 Parsee None
072 Chibi Murasa Water 1
073 Murasa Water 1
074 Chibi Kisume Chaos
075 Kisume Chaos
076 Chibi Kogasa Chaos
077 Kogasa Chaos
078 Chibi Satori None
079 Satori None
080 Chibi Eirin None
081 Eirin None
082 Chibi Ran Field
083 Ran Field
084 Chibi Daiyousei Fairy
085 Daiyousei Fairy
086 Chibi Nitori Water 1
087 Nitori Water 1
088 Chibi Hina None
089 Hina None
090 Chibi Komachi Water 1
091 Komachi Water 1
092 Chibi Yuyuko Chaos
093 Yuyuko Chaos
094 Chibi Meiling Field
095 Meiling Field
096 Chibi Sakuya None
097 Sakuya None
098 Chibi Lunasa None
099 Lunasa None
100 Chibi Merlin None
101 Merlin None
102 Chibi Lyrica None
103 Lyrica None
104 Chibi Layla None
105 Layla None
106 Chibi Kanako Field
107 Kanako Field
108 Chibi Rin Field
109 Rin Field
110 Chibi Utsuho Flying
111 Utsuho Flying
112 Chibi Ichirin None
113 Ichirin None
114 Chibi Sunny Milk Fairy
115 Sunny Milk Fairy
116 Chibi Luna Child Fairy
117 Luna Child Fairy
118 Chibi Star Sapphire Fairy
119 Star Sapphire Fairy
120 Chibi Yuka Plant
121 Yuka Plant
122 Chibi Aya Flying
123 Aya Flying
124 Chibi Shikieiki None
125 Shikieiki None
126 Chibi Shou Field
127 Shou Field
128 Chibi Wriggle Bug
129 Wriggle Bug
130 Chibi Tewi Field
131 Tewi Field
133 Chibi Nue Chaos
134 Nue Chaos
135 Chibi Suwako Water 1
136 Suwako Water 1
137 Reisen II None
138 Chibi Marisa Flying
139 Marisa Flying
140 Chibi Reimu Flying
141 Reimu Flying
142 Chibi Byakuren None
143 Byakuren None
144 Konngara Chaos
147 Chibi Toyohime None
148 Toyohime None
150 Sariel Flying
151 Akyuu None
155 Chibi Elly None
156 Elly None
157 Chibi Orange None
158 Orange None
159 Youki None
160 Chibi Chiyuri None
161 Chiyuri None
162 Chibi Yumemi None
163 Yumemi None
164 Chibi Ellen None
165 Ellen None
166 Chibi Kazami Plant
167 Kazami Plant
168 Chibi Meira None
169 Meira None
170 Chibi Sara None
171 Sara None
172 Chibi Luize None
173 Luize None
174 Chibi Margatroid None
175 Margatroid None
176 Chibi Kana None
177 Kana None
178 Chibi Hakurei Field
179 Hakurei Field
180 Chibi Kirisame Flying
181 Kirisame Flying
182 Chibi Kotohime None
183 Kotohime None
184 Chibi Yumeko None
185 Yumeko None
186 Chibi Shinki Flying
187 Shinki Flying
190 Chibi Rika Mineral
191 Rika Mineral
192 Chibi Mugetsu None
193 Mugetsu None
194 Chibi Gengetsu Flying
195 Gengetsu Flying
196 Chibi Kurumi Flying
197 Kurumi Flying
198 Chibi Rikako None
199 Rikako None
200 Chibi Yuki None
201 Yuki None
202 Chibi Mai None
203 Mai None
204 Defense Sunny Milk Fairy
205 Technical Luna Child Fairy
206 Helper Star Sapphire Fairy
207 Attack Nitori Water 1
208 Technical Nitori Water 1
209 Attack Mokou None
210 Defense Mokou None
211 Defense Reisen Monster
212 Technical Reisen Monster
213 Technical Sakuya None
214 Helper Sakuya None
215 Attack Rumia Monster
216 Speed Rumia Monster
217 Helper Mystia Flying
218 Attack Mystia Flying
219 Attack Chen Field
220 Technical Chen Field
221 Defense Youmu Field
222 Speed Youmu Field
223 Attack Yuka Plant
224 Technical Yuka Plant
225 Speed Aya Flying
226 Technical Aya Flying
227 Attack Tenshi Mineral
228 Defense Tenshi Mineral
229 Defense Parsee None
230 Technical Parsee None
231 Attack Koishi None
232 Speed Koishi None
233 Defense Byakuren None
234 Technical Byakuren None
235 Defense Ichirin None
236 Technical Ichirin None
237 Attack Kanako Field
238 Defense Kanako Field
239 Attack Kaguya None
240 Defense Kaguya None
241 Shingyoku-o Chaos
242 Shingyoku-m Chaos
243 Shingyoku-f Chaos
244 Attack Utsuho Flying
245 Speed Utsuho Flying
246 Defense Momiji Field
247 Elis None
248 Mima Chaos
249 Speed Komachi Water 1
250 Attack Komachi Water 1
251 Attack Eirin None
252 Helper Eirin None
253 Defense Yukari Chaos
254 Technical Yukari Chaos
255 Attack Alice None
256 Technical Alice None
257 Attack Reimu Flying
258 Defense Reimu Flying
259 Speed Cirno Fairy
260 Technical Cirno Fairy
261 Defense Yuyuko Chaos
262 Attack Yuyuko Chaos
263 Helper Lunasa None
264 Helper Merlin None
265 Helper Lyrica None
266 Attack Ran Field
267 Helper Ran Field
268 Attack Medicine Plant
269 Technical Medicine Plant
270 Attack Hina None
271 Defense Hina None
272 Speed Shizuha Plant
274 Attack Rin None
276 Helper Shizuha Plant
277 Attack Suwako Water 1
278 Attack Shou Field
279 Technical Shou Field
280 Attack Tokiko Flying
281 Defense Suwako Water 1
282 Speed Yamame Bug
283 Speed Kogasa Chaos
284 Technical Kogasa Chaos
285 Defense Remilia Flying
286 Speed Flandre Monster
287 Defense Wriggle Bug
288 Defense Meiling Field
289 Tensoku Field
290 Attack Sunny Milk Fairy
291 Attack Luna Child Fairy
292 Speed Wriggle Bug
293 Helper Koakuma Flying
294 Speed Meiling None
295 Chibi Elis None
296 Chibi Sariel Flying
297 Advent Mystia Field
298 Technical Hatate Flying
299 Defense Hatate Flying
300 Aki Sisters Plant
301 Defense Layla None
302 Defense Keine Monster
303 Attack Remilia Flying
304 Defense Tewi Field
305 Attack Tewi Field
306 Defense Shikieiki None
307 Defense Minoriko Plant
308 Technical Suika Field
309 Attack Sanae None
310 Technical Sanae None
311 Attack Flandre Monster
312 Attack Daiyousei Fairy
313 Attack Shikieiki None
314 Technical Toyohime None
315 Chibi Konngara Chaos
316 Chibi Yuugenmagan Chaos
317 Attack Suika Field
318 Helper Lily White Fairy
319 Speed Lily Black Fairy
320 Attack Nue Chaos
321 Technical Nue Chaos
322 Defense Patchouli None
323 Defense Letty Field
324 Helper Letty Field
325 Speed Yorihime None
327 Attack Lily Black Fairy
328 Defense Yuugi Field
329 Technical Nazrin Field
330 Helper Nazrin Field
331 Technical Kisume Chaos
332 Attack Yuugi Field
333 Helper Keine None
334 Defense Iku Dragon
335 Technical Iku Dragon
336 Attack Minoriko Plant
337 Rinnosuke None
338 Advent Cirno Field
339 Advent Reisen Field
340 Speed Sariel Chaos
341 Attack Lily White Fairy
342 Chibi Mima Chaos
344 Advent Meiling Field
345 Attack Patchouli None
346 Speed Marisa Flying
347 Attack Marisa Flying
348 Defense Murasa Water 1
349 Attack Murasa Water 1
350 Attack Star Sapphire Fairy
351 Attack Kazami Plant
352 Speed Medicine Plant
353 Defense Daiyousei Fairy
354 Technical Yamame Bug
355 Technical Satori None
356 Defense Satori None
357 Advent Letty Field
358 Advent Tewi Field
359 Advent Marisa Field
360 Advent Alice Field
361 Advent Mokou Field
362 Advent Yukari Field
363 Advent Ran Field
364 Advent Chen Field
365 Dark Alice Chaos
366 Tenma Flying
367 Ancestor None
368 Chibi Kyouko Field
369 Kyouko Field
370 Chibi Yoshika Chaos
371 Yoshika Chaos
372 Chibi Seiga None
373 Seiga None
374 Chibi Tojiko Chaos
375 Tojiko Chaos
376 Chibi Futo None
377 Futo None
378 Chibi Miko None
379 Miko None
380 Chibi Mamizou Field
381 Mamizou Field
382 Chibi Kasen None
383 Kasen None
ID Name Alternate Egg Group


The Monster Egg Group is the 8th most common Egg Group. It containing 14 Puppets, none unique to this Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
005 Chibi Reisen Humanshape
006 Reisen Humanshape
027 Chibi Rumia Humanshape
028 Rumia Humanshape
030 Chibi Flandre Humanshape
031 Flandre Humanshape
045 Attack Keine Humanshape
211 Defense Reisen Humanshape
212 Technical Reisen Humanshape
215 Attack Rumia Humanshape
216 Speed Rumia Humanshape
286 Speed Flandre Humanshape
302 Defense Keine Humanshape
311 Attack Flandre Humanshape
ID Name Alternate Egg Group

Water 1

The Water 1 Egg Group is the 7th most common Egg Group. It containing 17 Puppets, none unique to this Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
072 Chibi Murasa Humanshape
073 Murasa Humanshape
086 Chibi Nitori Humanshape
087 Nitori Humanshape
090 Chibi Komachi Humanshape
091 Komachi Humanshape
135 Chibi Suwako Humanshape
136 Suwako Humanshape
154 Namazu Field
207 Attack Nitori Humanshape
208 Technical Nitori Humanshape
249 Speed Komachi Humanshape
250 Attack Komachi Humanshape
277 Attack Suwako Humanshape
281 Defense Suwako Humanshape
348 Defense Murasa Humanshape
349 Attack Murasa Humanshape
ID Name Alternate Egg Group


The Bug Egg Group is the 9th most common Egg Group. It containing eight Puppets, none unique to this Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
050 Chibi Yamame Humanshape
051 Yamame Humanshape
128 Chibi Wriggle Humanshape
129 Wriggle Humanshape
282 Speed Yamame Humanshape
287 Defense Wriggle Humanshape
292 Speed Wriggle Humanshape
354 Technical Yamame Humanshape
ID Name Alternate Egg Group


The Flying Egg Group is the 3rd most common Egg Group. It containing 48 Puppets, one unique to this Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
017 Chibi Koakuma Humanshape
018 Koakuma Humanshape
021 Chibi Tokiko Humanshape
022 Tokiko Humanshape
023 Chibi Remilia Humanshape
024 Remilia Humanshape
039 Chibi Mystia Humanshape
040 Mystia Humanshape
060 Chibi Hatate Humanshape
061 Hatate Humanshape
110 Chibi Utsuho Humanshape
111 Utsuho Humanshape
122 Chibi Aya Humanshape
123 Aya Humanshape
138 Chibi Marisa Humanshape
139 Marisa Humanshape
140 Chibi Reimu Humanshape
141 Reimu Humanshape
150 Sariel Humanshape
152 Genji Field
153 Tori None
180 Chibi Kirisame Humanshape
181 Kirisame Humanshape
186 Chibi Shinki Humanshape
187 Shinki Humanshape
194 Chibi Gengetsu Humanshape
195 Gengetsu Humanshape
196 Chibi Kurumi Humanshape
197 Kurumi Humanshape
217 Helper Mystia Humanshape
218 Attack Mystia Humanshape
225 Speed Aya Humanshape
226 Technical Aya Humanshape
244 Attack Utsuho Humanshape
245 Speed Utsuho Humanshape
257 Attack Reimu Humanshape
258 Defense Reimu Humanshape
280 Attack Tokiko Humanshape
285 Defense Remilia Humanshape
293 Helper Koakuma Humanshape
296 Chibi Sariel Humanshape
298 Technical Hatate Humanshape
299 Defense Hatate Humanshape
303 Attack Remilia Humanshape
326 Chibi Shingyoku Dragon
346 Speed Marisa Humanshape
347 Attack Marisa Humanshape
366 Tenma Humanshape
ID Name Alternate Egg Group


The Field Egg Group is the 2nd most common Egg Group. It containing 69 Puppets, one unique to this Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
011 Chibi Momiji Humanshape
012 Momiji Humanshape
019 Chibi Nazrin Humanshape
020 Nazrin Humanshape
033 Chibi Youmu Humanshape
034 Youmu Humanshape
052 Chibi Chen Humanshape
053 Chen Humanshape
062 Chibi Letty Humanshape
063 Letty Humanshape
066 Chibi Yuugi Humanshape
067 Yuugi Humanshape
082 Chibi Ran Humanshape
083 Ran Humanshape
094 Chibi Meiling Humanshape
095 Meiling Humanshape
106 Chibi Kanako Humanshape
107 Kanako Humanshape
108 Chibi Rin Humanshape
109 Rin Humanshape
126 Chibi Shou Humanshape
127 Shou Humanshape
130 Chibi Tewi Humanshape
131 Tewi Humanshape
152 Genji Flying
154 Namazu Water 1
178 Chibi Hakurei Humanshape
179 Hakurei Humanshape
219 Attack Chen Humanshape
220 Technical Chen Humanshape
221 Defense Youmu Humanshape
222 Speed Youmu Humanshape
237 Attack Kanako Humanshape
238 Defense Kanako Humanshape
246 Defense Momiji Humanshape
266 Attack Ran Humanshape
267 Helper Ran Humanshape
273 Speed Rin None
278 Attack Shou Humanshape
279 Technical Shou Humanshape
288 Defense Meiling Humanshape
289 Tensoku Humanshape
294 Speed Meiling Humanshape
297 Advent Mystia Humanshape
304 Defense Tewi Humanshape
305 Attack Tewi Humanshape
308 Technical Suika Humanshape
317 Attack Suika Humanshape
323 Defense Letty Humanshape
324 Helper Letty Humanshape
328 Defense Yuugi Humanshape
329 Technical Nazrin Humanshape
330 Helper Nazrin Humanshape
332 Attack Yuugi Humanshape
338 Advent Cirno Humanshape
339 Advent Reisen Humanshape
344 Advent Meiling Humanshape
357 Advent Letty Humanshape
358 Advent Tewi Humanshape
359 Advent Marisa Humanshape
360 Advent Alice Humanshape
361 Advent Mokou Humanshape
362 Advent Yukari Humanshape
363 Advent Ran Humanshape
364 Advent Chen Humanshape
368 Chibi Kyouko Humanshape
369 Kyouko Humanshape
380 Chibi Mamizou Humanshape
381 Mamizou Humanshape
ID Name Alternate Egg Group


The Fairy Egg Group is the 5th most common Egg Group. It containing 28 Puppets, none unique to this Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
007 Chibi Lily White Humanshape
008 Lily White Humanshape
009 Chibi Lily Black Humanshape
010 Lily Black Humanshape
025 Chibi Cirno Humanshape
026 Cirno Humanshape
084 Chibi Daiyousei Humanshape
085 Daiyousei Humanshape
114 Chibi Sunny Milk Humanshape
115 Sunny Milk Humanshape
116 Chibi Luna Child Humanshape
117 Luna Child Humanshape
118 Chibi Star Sapphire Humanshape
119 Star Sapphire Humanshape
204 Defense Sunny Milk Humanshape
205 Technical Luna Child Humanshape
206 Helper Star Sapphire Humanshape
259 Speed Cirno Humanshape
260 Technical Cirno Humanshape
290 Attack Sunny Milk Humanshape
291 Attack Luna Child Humanshape
312 Attack Daiyousei Humanshape
318 Helper Lily White Humanshape
319 Speed Lily Black Humanshape
327 Attack Lily Black Humanshape
341 Attack Lily White Humanshape
350 Attack Star Sapphire Humanshape
353 Defense Daiyousei Humanshape
ID Name Alternate Egg Group


The Plant Egg Group is the 6th most common Egg Group. It containing 21 Puppets, none unique to this Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
013 Chibi Shizuha Humanshape
014 Shizuha Humanshape
015 Chibi Medicine Humanshape
016 Medicine Humanshape
041 Chibi Minoriko Humanshape
042 Minoriko Humanshape
120 Chibi Yuka Humanshape
121 Yuka Humanshape
166 Chibi Kazami Humanshape
167 Kazami Humanshape
223 Attack Yuka Humanshape
224 Technical Yuka Humanshape
268 Attack Medicine Humanshape
269 Technical Medicine Humanshape
272 Speed Shizuha Humanshape
276 Helper Shizuha Humanshape
300 Aki Sisters Humanshape
307 Defense Minoriko Humanshape
336 Attack Minoriko Humanshape
351 Attack Kazami Humanshape
352 Speed Medicine Humanshape
ID Name Alternate Egg Group


The Mineral Egg Group is the 10th most common Egg Group. It containing seven Puppets, none unique to this Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
068 Chibi Tenshi Humanshape
069 Tenshi Humanshape
190 Chibi Rika Humanshape
191 Rika Humanshape
227 Attack Tenshi Humanshape
228 Defense Tenshi Humanshape
384 Magic Stones Chaos
ID Name Alternate Egg Group


The Chaos Egg Group is the 4th most common Egg Group. It containing 37 Puppets, four unique to this Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
035 Chibi Yukari Humanshape
036 Yukari Humanshape
074 Chibi Kisume Humanshape
075 Kisume Humanshape
076 Chibi Kogasa Humanshape
077 Kogasa Humanshape
092 Chibi Yuyuko Humanshape
093 Yuyuko Humanshape
133 Chibi Nue Humanshape
134 Nue Humanshape
144 Konngara Humanshape
145 Kikuri None
146 Yuugenmagan None
241 Shingyoku-o Humanshape
242 Shingyoku-m Humanshape
243 Shingyoku-f Humanshape
248 Mima Humanshape
253 Defense Yukari Humanshape
254 Technical Yukari Humanshape
261 Defense Yuyuko Humanshape
262 Attack Yuyuko Humanshape
283 Speed Kogasa Humanshape
284 Technical Kogasa Humanshape
315 Chibi Konngara Humanshape
316 Chibi Yuugenmagan None
320 Attack Nue Humanshape
321 Technical Nue Humanshape
331 Technical Kisume Humanshape
340 Speed Sariel Humanshape
342 Chibi Mima Humanshape
343 Chibi Kikuri None
365 Dark Alice Humanshape
370 Chibi Yoshika Humanshape
371 Yoshika Humanshape
374 Chibi Tojiko Humanshape
375 Tojiko Humanshape
384 Magic Stones Mineral
ID Name Alternate Egg Group


The Ditto Egg Group is the rarest Egg Group, with only one Puppet in it. This Egg Group is capable of breeding with Puppets of any Egg Group except for Puppets in the Undiscovered Egg Group and the Ditto Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
132 Kedama None
ID Name Alternate Egg Group


The Dragon Egg Group is the 11th most common Egg Group. It containing five Puppets, none unique to this Egg Group.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
046 Chibi Iku Humanshape
047 Iku Humanshape
326 Chibi Shingyoku Flying
334 Defense Iku Humanshape
335 Technical Iku Humanshape
ID Name Alternate Egg Group


The Undiscovered Egg Group is the 11th most common Egg Group. It containing five Puppets, all unique to this Egg Group. Puppets from this Egg Group cannot produce eggs at all.

ID Name Alternate Egg Group
149 Goliath Doll None
188 Mimi-chan None
189 Ruukoto None
275 Zombie Fairy None
407 2hu None
ID Name Alternate Egg Group
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