Attack Sunny Milk

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Attack Sunny Milk
A-Sunny Milk.png
Types Fire/Nature
Species Sunlight
Dex Number 290
Height 1m / 3'3"
Cost 50
Exp. at Lv. 100 1,000,000
Ability Flash Fire
Egg Groups Humanshape/Fairy
Time to hatch 20 cycles (5120 steps)
Effort yield 2 Spd
Base exp. yield 175
Catch rate 45
Gender ratio 50% female
FR Item None
EM Item None

Dex Entry Her power is dangerous if you aren't paying attention.

The road you're on could actually be a cliff.

HP Attack Defense Sp.Att. Sp.Def. Speed Total
60 105 50 105 50 110 480
Type effectiveness
Dream Ghost Flying Beast Miasma Steel Dark Earth Fire
1x 1x 2x 0.5x 2x 0.5x 1x 1x 0x*
Water Wind Nature Ice Faith Reason Heart Illusion
1x 0.5x 0.25x 2x 1x 1x 1x 1x

*Immunity due to Flash Fire.

Level Up Moves
Lv Move
Chibi Tackle
Chibi Sand-Attack
Chibi Ember
Chibi Mud Slap
Chibi Swagger
Chibi Flame Wheel
Chibi Will-o-wisp
Chibi Nature Power
25 Fake Out
28 Sunny Day
31 Sonicboom
34 Power Whip
38 Flare Blitz
42 Nasty Plot
46 Frenzy Plant
50 Blast Burn
Relearn Fire Punch
Relearn Substitute
Relearn Nature Power
Relearn Endure
Relearn Energy Light
Relearn Endeavor
TM/HM Moves
TM Move
#1 Focus Punch
#5 Roar
#7 Razor Wind
#11 Sunny Day
#12 Taunt
#15 Sonicboom
#16 Light Screen
#17 Detect
#19 Giga Drain
#22 Solarbeam
#27 Return
#28 Dig
#32 Double Team
#34 Energy Ball
#35 Flamethrower
#38 Fire Blast
#40 Swagger
#41 Will-o-wisp
#42 Facade
#43 Secret Power
#44 Rest
#45 Attract
#46 Thief
#49 Snatch
HM Move
Egg Moves
Helping Hand
Earth Power
Mana Charge
Magic Coat
Method Evolves From
Power Shard Chibi Sunny Milk
Alternate Forms
Sunny Milk
Defense Sunny Milk
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