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Moving the to do list here. I will be maintaining this myself now and I will keep up with the changes made to the wiki (hopefully) and see what things still need to be done, and, if I find the time and will to, start working on things myself. --JJames19119 (talk) 10:29, 22 October 2012 (UTC)


  • Make a better Main Page
  • Make a favicon
  • Make a better icon
  • Keep this page clean
  • Keep this page clean
  • Keep Change log page updated
  • Touch up attack move pages like this page does
  • Fill in any missing information for the species pages

4 August 2013

  • Make it so that ability pages actually have a list of mons who run it
  • Make introduction and teambuilding guides/puppet categories
  • Link existing sets to mons' pages, and actually make sets for all mons bar Gyokuto
  • Make disambiguation for easily confused elements, such as Camouflage

25 May 2014

25 May update: to-do list from before remains undone. For updates which would include a list of mons, it's probably easier to have the Touhoudex open and use it as a source code: that way, you can simply Ctrl+F to the required mon, then delete any unneeded columns.

  • Categorization project. More info here.
  • Fill in any needed information for the new species pages, such as this page.
  • Update any old pages with the new mons, such as the Type Chart data. This will likely be tough, but the pages we have in need of updating that I can remember are:
    • Type pages;
    • Move pages that were already "touched up".
  • Update old pages with puppet lists according to the Speed stat order project.

To-Do List has been moved to the Community Portal. Ignore the old To-Do List seen above. Schwad (talk)