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Run Away にげあし
Nige Ashi
Flavor text
Touhoumon (Japanese)
せんとうから にげやすい
Touhoumon Purple
Guarantees escape.
Touhoumon Unnamed
Makes escaping easier.

Run Away (Japanese: にげあし Run Away) ensures that a Puppet with this Ability can flee from any wild battle. This Ability has absolutely no effect in battles against other Trainers.

Puppets with Run Away

# Puppet Types First Ability Second Ability
Chibi Reisen MS.png Chibi Reisen
Run Away Keen Eye
Chibi Momiji MS.png Chibi Momiji
Run Away Early Bird
Chibi Koakuma MS.png Chibi Koakuma
Synchronize Run Away
Chibi Chen MS.png Chibi Chen
Run Away Pickup
Chibi Daiyousei MS.png Chibi Daiyousei
Run Away None
Chibi Star Sapphire MS.png Chibi Star Sapphire
Run Away None
Chibi Tewi MS.png Chibi Tewi
Run Away None
Reisen II MS.png Reisen II
Run Away None

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