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All of the attacks a Puppet may use in battle.

For an easy to read list of all attacks, refer to this list.

For a list of commonly used damaging moves, refer to this list.

If a Puppet can learn a TM move by level, relearning, or as an egg move, he/she/it can usually learn it by TM. There are some cases that don't follow this rule, however.
If a Chibi Puppet can learn a move by TM, his/her/its evolved form always can usually learn that move by TM, too. Again, there are some exceptions.
Most of the attacks that can be relearned by an evolved form can't be learned from his/her/its Chibi form.

By leveling up: The Puppet can learn the attack by level up.
By TM/HM: The Puppet can only learn the attack by TM or HM, if the attack is a TM or HM.
By Breeding: Egg move.
By Move Tutor: This attack is taught via Move Tutor.
As a Previous Evolution: This Puppet can only know this attack if it was learned in a previous evolution.

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