Touhou Project Derivative Work RPG "Touhou Puppet Dance Performance -Shard of Dreams-"
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This is the online manual for Gensou Ningyou Enbu -Yume no Kakera- (Henceforth translated as "Touhou Puppet Dance Performance -Shard of Dreams-").
The members of FocasLens have not finished the webpage, so some images aren't up to date.
Some pictures being used are from the original TPDP, so please be aware.
Reading this manual will certainly make your play experience better.

This game is a derivative work of the Touhou Project series produced by Team Shanghai Alice.
Please take into account the settings and characters may be different from the original series.
Please send your inquires to FocasLens.

"Touhou Puppet Dance Performance -Shard of Dreams-"is a Expansion for "Touhou Puppet Dance Performance".
If Touhou Puppet Dance Performance is not installed on your computer, you will not be able to play this expansion.

Before you play the game, go to our Home Page and download the latest patch update.
We cannot help you if there is an issue that arises in a game that is not running the full version.

Table of Contents

Click the links below and it will jump to the appropiate section.

Installing | Uninstalling


Double clicking the setup.exe will give you this screen. Please follow the directions of the installer.
(The automatic startup might be slow if you are installing it from the CD. In that case, please copy the contents of the CD to a location of your choice and run the installer.)

Press the Finish button and the installation will be complete!


Touhou Puppet Dance Performance can be uninstalled from the Control Panel's "Uninstall Programs" option.
Save data, screenshots, and changes logs are not uninstalled and must be deleted manually.
The default install folder is "C:\game\FocasLens\幻想人形演舞-ユメノカケラ-".

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Before playing, make check that you have the latest patch from the main page.
Please note: support for older builds/not the latest version is not offered.

The current version is displayed in the title bar.
The current version number will also appear on the bottom right of the title screen.

You can get the updates on the download page.
After downloading and extracting the update, open: enbu_ap△△△_○○○.exe(△△△ is the previous version, ○○○ is the updated version).
and follow the procedures for the updater.

If you decided to use the updater.exe instead, click the 'Update' button (it's circled in red) if it allows you to.
The updater will automatically download the required files and patch it.
After its done, please exit the process.
If the updater keeps failing, please try restarting your PC.

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Save Data

Save Data is stored on enbu_ap.sav in the save folder in the game directory.
Removing or deleting the save will delete or backup the save respectively.
The game only makes one save file at a time. If you need multiple save files, please copy the save files manually.
The default install path is C:\game\FocasLens\幻想人形演舞-ユメノカケラ-.
The trial and full version of this game are not compatible.

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Control Setup

Keyboard Keys are in parenthesis.
If you're using a gamepad, you may need to assign the buttons manually within the Game's Settings.

Directional Keys(↑↓←→ Key) Movement in the Menu and controls the Player
A Button(Z Key) Examine/Confirmation
B Button(X Key) Cancel/Run when held
X Button(C Key) Pose/Display
Y Button(S Key) Doll/Tool Sort, Multi-select in Puppet Box
L Button(A Key) Menu Navigation
R Button(D Key) Menu Navigation
START Button(Space Key) Pose/Display
SELECT Button(Left Shift Key) Sort Button
Other Button(P Key) Takes a screenshot
Screenshots are saved in the game's save folder.
In Windowed Mode, double left-clicking will increase the screen size.
You can shrink the screen size at a fixed ratio by double right-clicking.
Dragging the corners of the screen will also alter the size.
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Inputting Characters

During the game, you may be prompted to input characters.
Using the keyboard, once you're finished, press the Enter key.
Certain single byte characters such as "\" and "%" may not be used.

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Migrating Old Save Data

By using the previous clear data from TPDP 1.34 (Note: You must have seen the ending credits once),
You can migrate all of Puppets from that clear data onto this current expansion.
Certain events may arise from transfering data over.
Data such as money and items will not be transferred so please take note.

Performing the Data Tranfer

When you have the previous save data from TPDP 1.34,
select "New Game" from the Start Menu, and a prompt will appear asking you if you want to migrate the previous save data.

Selecting "Yes" will complete the data migration.
While the data from TPDP 1.34 should remain unchanged,
from hereafter, there may be some content modifcations that may not be reflected so please be careful.

Migrated Puppets

After seeing a certain event,
the migrated Puppets will be placed in the expanded Puppet Storage boxes, which are Box 21 to Box 51.
Keep in mind, that the Puppet you met by fateful encounter on this current savefile will be your Special Puppet.

Transfering 'Fateful Encounter' Puppets

Depending on what favorite character you choose this time
will change how things are handled.

If you choose the same favorite character as you did in TPDP 1.34, that Puppet will not appear in the Puppet Box but will instead appear as a fateful encounter just like before.
If you choose a different favorite character from last time, you will not have a fateful encounter with that Puppet, and instead that Puppet will appear in the expanded boxes.
However, that Puppet will have a 'Heart Mark' just like your current fateful encounter Puppet.

New Game+

After clearing a second time, the Special Puppet that was migrated from TPDP 1.34 will be obtainable again.
Instead of finding it in the Puppet Box, it will be fatefully encountered just like was before.
Be aware that items such as money and tools will not be carried over.

Getting the New Game+ Option

After you've cleared "Touhou Puppet Dance Performance -Shard of Dreams-"
The New Game+ option will be prompted to you when you select "New Game" again.
In case you don't want to do New Game+, refer to the Save Data section on how to delete your save data.

Where the Migrated Puppets Go

The formerely migrated Puppets, Fateful Puppets, and the Puppets in your party will be placed in the expanded boxes (Box 21-51) of the Puppet Storage.
Puppets in your party will be placed in Box 1, Puppets already in the Puppet Storage will be placed in the expanded boxes (Box 21-51).
Keep in mind, that the Puppet you met by fateful encounter on this current savefile will be your Special Puppet.

Special Puppets in New Game+

If you decide to choose the same favorite character as the first time,
Every difference mentioned before will be the same.
In the case you choose a different character however, the previous Special Puppet will be placed in Box 1 of Puppet Storage.

Hint: If you want your Puppets from your first clear to be grouped with dolls from your New Game+, place them in the expanded boxes (Box 21 to Box 51).

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The Status Screen

1 General Information. Puppet's original name, nickname, and current level.
2 Puppet's Style.
3 Puppet's Typing.
4 Puppet's Mark. Not everyone Puppet has the same mark, each mark raises a specific stat.
5 Puppet's current EXP and required EXP for the next level. EXP can be gained by battling.
6 Puppet's held item. Some items can give an advantage in battle when held.
7 Puppet's Stats. Focus Attack/Defense are used for Focus Skills, while Spread Attack/Defense are used for Spread Skills.
Stats boosted by an Emblem are shown in blue.
In parenthesis is the amount of SP in each stat.
8 Stat ranks. There are 16 ranks from E- to S+. Ranks indicate growth rate of stats.
9 Idiot.
10 Current Power Points (PP). Power Points are used to strengthen a Puppet and can be earned by battling.
11 Puppet's Ability. Abilities are innate powers a Puppet has in battle. Not all Puppets have the same ability.
12 Puppet's current skill list. A Puppet can equip up to 4 skills at once.
Focus skills are depicted in red、Spread skills are shown in blue、and Status skills are colored black.
13 Basic Information on each skill. Definitions are shown below.
Attribute/Type The Skills type, duh.
Power Skill's base power. The higher power, the more damage this skill will do.
Category Skills are classified as Focus, Spread, or Status.
Focus Skills deal damage by firing bullets in a small area.
Spread Skills inflict damage by shooting bullets in a wide area.
Status Skills do not inflict damage, but cause a variety of other effects.
Accuracy How likely a skill hit.
SP Skill Point. How many times a skill can be used in battle.
Priority In battle, turn order is determined by the Puppet's speed.
However, if a skill has higher priority, then that skill will go first regardless of Speed.
Classification Determines how a skill will affect certain abilities.
Effect Additional effects caused by a skill.
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Basic Combat

Battles are turn based events where players use skills against each other until one side's Puppet is reduced to 0 HP.
Battles are classified as either Wild Puppet Battles or Puppeteer Battles.

Wild Puppet Battle Random Encounters
Only one Puppet will be fought.
Sealing (capturing) is possible.
It is possible to run away.
Puppeteer Battle A Basic Encounter
Puppeteers will often have multiple Puppets.
Enemy Puppets cannot be sealed.
IYou cannot run from a Trainer Battle.

The Battle Interface

1/2 The Player (1) and Opponent (2) status bars. Shows Puppet name, style, level, and HP.
3/4 Player (3) and Opponent (4) Puppet count. Wild Puppet Battles will not display a count.
Player's command options.
"FIGHT" Choose a skill to use.
"PUPPETS" Check your current Puppet list and swap Puppets out.
"BAG" View your current item list and use an item in battle.
"FLEE" Run away. You cannot run from a Puppeteer battle.
Skill selection screen. Choose the skill you want to use, and the turn will start.
Like before, Focus skills are red、 Spread skills are blue、and Status skills are black. The announcement text will use the same colors as the corresponding skill.
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Elemental Types

Puppets can have 2 types while skills only have one. Some types are more compatible with each other than others.

※Status skills are not affected by these interactions

Puppets also have special benefits depending on their type.
Fire ・・・ Immune to the Burn and Heavy Burn statuses under normal conditions.
Steel ・・・ Immune to Poison and Heavy Poison statuses under normal conditions.
Wind ・・・ Immune to Mine Traps.
Dark ・・・ Immune to Bind Traps.
Nether ・・・ Can bypass "No-switching" effects.
Electric ・・・ Immune to Paralysis and Shocked statuses under normal conditions.
Poison ・・・ Immune to Poison and Heavy Poison under normal conditions.
Dream ・・・Immune to the Stop status under normal conditions.

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Status Effects

Status effects can cause various disadvantages.
Furthermore, up to two statuses can be stacked on one Puppet.
Status effects can be afflicted with skills such as Thermit.

Poison Take damage at the end of every turn.
Poison and Steel-types are immune to this conditon unless it's caused by an ability.
This status can stack.
Heavy Poison Take damage at the end of every turn, dealing more damage with each subsequent turn.
Poison and Steel-types are immune to this conditon unless it's caused by an ability.
If a poisoned Puppet is hit with Poison, this Puppet will receive Heavy Poison status.
Cannot be stacked.
Burn Take damage ta the end of every turn.
Fire-types are immune to this conditon unless it's caused by an ability.
This status can stack.
Heavy Burn Take damage at the end of every turn, dealing more damage with each subsequent turn.
Fire-types are immune to this conditon unless it's caused by an ability.。
If a burned Puppet is hit with Burn, this Puppet will receive Heavy Burn status.
Cannot be stacked.
Paralysis Puppet's speed is greatly reduced.
Electric-types are immune to this conditon unless it's caused by an ability.
This status can stack.
Shocked Your Puppet's speed is greatly reduced, and skills cannot miss against you.
Electric-types are immune to this conditon unless it's caused by an ability.
If a paralyzed Puppet is hit with Paralysis, this Puppet will receive Shocked status.
Cannot be stacked.
Blind Puppet's Focus Attack is greatly reduced.
This status can stack.
Fear Puppet's Spread Attack is greatly reduced.
This status can stack.
Weakness Your Puppet cannot recover HP under normal conditions.
This status can stack.
Heavy Weakness Your Puppet cannot recover HP (under normal conditions),
and any skill used will consume 1 more SP.
If a weakened Puppet is hit with Weakness, this Puppet will receive Heavy Weakness status.
Cannot be stacked.
Stopped For a certain amount of time, this Puppet cannot move and use skills.
It would be wise to remove this status as soon as possible.
Cannot be stacked.
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Other Status Effects

Unlike normal status effects, these will not be displayed in battle.
Though many are similar to normal status effects, some of these effects are also beneficial to the user.
These status effects stack indefinitely, but disappear when the Puppet is switched out.
The following are just examples; there are other effects as well.

Confusion A 50% chance of not moving each turn.
Shinigami Will take damage at the end of each turn.
Does more damage than Burn and Poison statuses.
Curse A skill gets cursed. A cursed skill cannot be used.
Broken Stance A Puppet is knocked off balance,
and any subsequent skills are guaranteed to hit.
Magical Barrier Cast a Magical Barrier around yourself.
Nullfies all subsequent status effects.
Some skills and abilities can bypass Magical Barrier.
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Weather and Terrain Effects

During battle, changes to the battlefield can affect skills and abilities.
These effects are called "Weather" and "Terrain" effects. Multiple Weather or multiple "Terrain" effects do not stack.
However, Weather and "Terrain" effects can stack with each other.

Types of Weather

Calm Secondary effects on skills will not activate.
Aurora The power of Light skills increase, but the power of Dark skills decrease.
Heavy Fog The power of Dark skills increase, but the power of Dark skills decrease.
Dust Storm All Puppets take damage at the end of each turn. Earth and Steel-types do not take damage, however.
Sunshower All Puppet's Focus Defense and Spread Defense stats are switched.

Types of Terrain

Seiryuu The interactions between skills and Puppets are neutralized.
Skills that would have no effect are not affected by Seiryuu.
Suzaku HP restoration caused by skills and abilities will deal damage under normal conditions.
Byakko Skills will not miss under normal conditions, but will not cause critical hits.
Genbu Puppet's with lower speed will move first.
Kouryuu The effects of items is nullified.
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Sealing Puppets | Seal Breaking

Sealing a Puppet

Wild Puppets can be befriended by sealing them.
The sealing process is as follows.

During a Battle, use a Seal against the Wild Puppet.

When the Puppet's defeated, they will join your team! Make sure the red seal appears before defeating them, or else they won't join!

Releasing Sealed Puppets

Later on in game, you will encounter a certain character that can break the seal on a Puppet.
If you have them release the seal, the Puppet will leave your group.

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Puppet Box

When your party no longer has enough space, newly obtained Puppets are sent to the Puppet Box.
This section will go over features that are not explained in game.

Multiple dolls can be selected using the Y button.

Using the multiple selection function, multiple puppets can be lifted and moved using the A function.
Puppets cannot be moved if there is not enough space at the destination. You can cancel a selection using the B button.

※While the Y button cannot be used to select multiple Puppets from your party, you can use the Y button to lift them individually.
The Y button can also be used to move items, but multiple items cannot be selected.

After beating the game, the expanded Box 51 will be used for Wi-Fi battles.
Each section surrounded in red is an area for one party. You can have a maximum of 5 pre-made teams.
For each pre-made team, you can have a maximum of 6 Puppets per party.

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Obtaining Money

Sometimes, items will drop after winning a Wild Puppet or Puppeteer battle.
Some of these dropped items can be sold at a shop for money.

There are no other methods of earning cash in game.

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Enhancing Puppets

The Puppet Enhancing screen can be accessed from the Party options.

From this menu you can choose to reinforce stats, learn skills, change ability, and change styles.
PP is required for these enhancements.

Stat Enhancement

Choose the stat you wish to enhance, and then allocate PP using the left and right directions.
Stats with PP allocated will grow at a faster rate than stats with no PP.
Each upgrade takes up 1 PP, up to a maximum of 64 PP for a single stat. There is a 130 PP cap across all stats, so please distribute carefully.
Allocated PP can only be reset through the Reincarnation System explained below.

Learning Skills

Select the skill you want to learn, and then decide where to place the skill new skill.
Skills cannot be used in battle until they've been learned, so please take care with adding new skills!

Changing Ability

Certain Puppets have alternate abilities.
By spending 20 PP, you can change the Puppet's current ability.
Of course, Puppets with only one ability cannot use this feature.

Style Change

When a Normal Puppet reaches level 30, they can change their Style.
tyle Changing, like evolving, allows Puppets to become specialized in certain areas and can give them access to new skills.
Style Changing does not spend any PP, and instead gives a 20 PP bonus upon changing.
There's no point in delaying a Style Change. Just Style Change as soon as the Puppet reaches level 30.
However, a Normal Puppet can only Style Change ONCE. Once that Puppet changes, it cannot change again. You have been warned.
The only way to reset a style change is through the Reincarnation System.

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Reincarnation and Stat Inheritance

The Basics of Reincarnation

As you progress through the game, you'll eventually gain access to the "Reincarnation" option.
Reincarnation resets a Pupper's Style, level, emblem, stat ranks, stat-allocated PP, and skills.
One "Magical Fragment" is required for Reincarnation.

The doll that will be reincarnated.
A doll must be set in order to commence the Reincarnation process.
The doll that will be set for "inheritence".
This is optional.
As you progress through the game, you will obtain items for Reincarnation.
Setting an item here will change your doll's Mark.
Not using an item will cause your doll to have a random Mark.
If you choose to have a doll for inheritence, certain items can enhance the effects.
This is optional.
Once you're done with steps 1-4, you finish right here.

The pictures on the top show the Puppet before Reincarnation, and the pictures on the bottom show the results.
After Reincarnation, Level is set to 1, Style is reverted to Normal、 and the Emblem and Stat Rankings are reset.
Furthermore, Puppet's skilled are reverted to their original level 1 set, and PP is reverted to 0.


When reincarnating, it is possible to make a Puppet retain its original stats or inherit stats from another puppet.
Inherited stats are random, and stats that are not inherited or retained will be rerolled from E- to S.
While it is possible to only use one inheritance Puppet, more stats will be inherited if 2 inheritance Puppets are used.
It should be noted that though the inheritance Puppet will determine stats, the Puppet itself will not be consumed. Feel free to use your favorite Puppets!

So we will Reincarnate with these conditions...

and this is the result.
Chiyuri inherit's Yuyuko's Focus and Spread attack and Remilia's Speed. The other stats were rolled at random.

Additional Support Items can be used to retain certain stat ranks or inherit specific stat ranks.

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The Basics of Multiplayer

As you go through the game, an area for multiplayer will open up to you.
In this mode, you will be able to play against other players via net connection.
Online battling will award you with "Magical Fragment". 6 are awarded for a victory, while 3 are awarded for a loss or draw.

Rule Setting
Before battling, you can choose Wi-Fi Battle Rules. You can change options by selecting left or right.
Battle Party
You can choose which party to use here. Use the left and right directional buttons to shift through party options.
You can choose from parties created within Box 51 of the Puppet Box Storage.
Battle BGM
This will be the song that plays in an online battle. Use the LR buttons to change the theme.
The BGM you select will only be heard by you.
Random Match
You can have random battles by connecting to the Random Battle Server.
You can go into random battle by selecting rule 6-3 and by having the latest version of the game.
Also, when you do Random Match, your player name will be anonymous.
However, your opponent can see your player name at the result screen, so be aware.
The Matching Server will be disabled between 5AM to 6PM JST every Tuesday.
Please also understand that the Matching Server may sometimes shut down without notice.
If you were in the middle of Match Making, the doll screen will change afterwards.
Connecting via Match Code
By connecting to the Matchmaking Server, you can enter in a match code to join a battle.
Creating your own Match Code
   The unique Match Code will be displayed, and to whomever you want to battle you can give your match code to.
Inputting Match Code
  The prompt for entering in the Match Code will appear, and after entering in the match code you will connect to your partner.
In order to be able to use Match Codes, you must have the newest version of the game.
The Matchmaking Server will be disabled between 5AM to 6PM JST every Tuesday.
Please also understand that the Matching Server may sometimes shut down without notice.
If you were in the middle of Match Making, the doll screen will change afterwards.
Setting up a Server
Once a server is ready, you just wait for someone else to connect to you.
In order to set up a server、it is required that you have a TCP port connection type.
Once both players are connected, the screen will advance to the Puppet Selection Screen.
Connecting via IP
Follow the on-screen instructions, enter the IP and Port, and the game will attempt connecting to the server.
Once both players are connected, the screen will advance to the Puppet Selection Screen.
To connect to the server, you must select the same ruleset that the server host has selected.
Connecting to IP via Clipboard
The game will attempt to connect to the IP you've copied. (Ctrl+C)
Everything else is the same as connecting via IP and Port.
Setting Server Rules
This determines the Ruleset used for the server.
Port settings can also be set here.

Wi-Fi Battle Settings

Multiplayer related settings.
Specifically, these refer to the Server and Ruleset settings.

Rules Battle Rulesets. Use the left and right directional buttons to choose.
The rulesets used are:

■See 6/Pick 3 Rules・・・ You can bring in 3-6 puppets, but only use 3 in battle. Puppets that are above level 50 are temporarily reduced to level 50, item duplicates are forbidden、Puppet duplications are forbidden.
■Free Rules・・・ You can bring in 3-6 puppets and use up to 6 of them in battle. No other restrictions apply.
■See 6/Pick 6 Rules・・・ You can bring in 3-6 puppets, and use up to 6 in battle. Puppets that are above level 50 are temporarily reduced to level 50, item duplicates are forbidden、Puppet duplications are forbidden.
Avatar The avatar your opponent will see. Use the left and right keys to change your avatar.
Title The title your opponent will see. Use the left and right keys to change your title.
Name How the opponent will see your name. Choose between being anonymous or using your normal name.
Be aware that when you choose the 'anonymous' option, your name will be shown at the result screen of a match.
Port The port that will be used when you setup a server. Press the A button to edit this. 10800 is the default port.
Nickname Sets whether or not Puppet nicknames will be visible in battle.
Replay Sets whether or not battle replays will be saved.
Replay data will be saved in the "replay" folder within the "save" folder.
Replay data must be erased manually.
Puppet Statistics Select whether or not if you will allow data on your Puppet Usage to be gathered.
The collected data will be sent to SUWAKO where the accumulated data is organized and viewable.

Puppet Selection Screen

Players can choose the Puppets used for battle, depending on the ruleset.
After selecting your team, you will be on standby until your opponent finishes selecting as well. Afterwards, the battle begins!

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※This site is still under construction and may change in the future.
This game is a derivative work of the Touhou Project series produced by Team Shanghai Alice.
Please send your inquiries to the Focalens Support page.
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