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[WIP]Defense Reisen
« on: June 16, 2013, 03:55:46 AM »
WIP - Shoddy format for sets not used. Occasional Capitalization issues. Easy fix.


HP: 85
Attack: 75
Defense: 70
Speed: 70
SpAtk: 95
SpDef: 135

Keen eyes: Prevents Accuracy Drops. (Useless in the long run dont use it.)
Insomia: Prevents Sleep.

Introductory to Defense Reisen
So wanna learn how to use Defense Reisen? All right let me tell you a few things about her. Though just a warning its has been awhile since I've used her in long successions so I can't go into deep detail about her stats. Now lets start by saying that DReisen has an impressive 135 Special Defense as shown in the stats and a decent 85 hp which shows obvious signs that she is suppose to be use a special wall. Which is good because heart is a pretty good defensive typing for this kind of thing as Reason and heart moves are pretty common special attack moves used. Now you might be wondering though as you also look at AdAlice and see she pretty much does the same thing but with more special defense over HP and she has access to will-o to cripple physical attackers and even has heal bell to support your own teammates. So why use DReisen? Well DReisen has a few different options to choose from then AdAlice so dont worry about not being as good as DReisen does thing differently.

Defense Set

Evs: HP 252, SpDef: 252, SpAtk: 4
Nature: Calm
Item: Leftovers

Signal Beam
Night Shade

All right here it is the set I always use because of how effective it is back when i used DReisen alot more. Now you notice Night shade is well bolded, well that is what makes this mon so effective is that move because well night shade is a pretty awesome move on a defensive mon especially one that has access to signal beam. Basically night shade works so well because signal beam will hit what night shade cannot which is dark types. Obviously Toxic goes on a set like this because most defensive set mons need passive damage to help them break through things. Substitute is substitute and you will most likely get a free sub if you play your cards right and use DReisen's single type to its full extent. Though if you wanna you can use Reflect as a way to not die to any physical attacker switchins though don't stay in against a dream or faith type still. The results could.... end up fatal.

Bulky Attacker
Evs: HP 252, SpAtk 252, SpDef 4
Nature: Modest
Item: Leftovers

Mist Ball\Signal Beam
Dream Eater
Mana Burst

I've consider the fact you might want to use a bulky attacker set so here you go. 95 spatk isn't too shabby so this should work pretty well. Mist Ball can cause alot of damage and might help kill a few things signal beam wouldnt but if the accuracy scares you from using mist ball then use signal beam even though you might not kill those few things. Dream Eater is there for extra recovery with lefties or will be your main source of recovery if you have something else like a Blazer. Mana burst is there to really hurt faiths that wont kill DReisen for some reason or if got predicted in some way. Sub and Reflect are there for what you would expect. Sub for a chance to attack the switch in or Reflect against physical attacker switchins.

Counters and Checks.
So as you would expect for the special defense build is that alot of things with pretty good physical attack can check DReisen if it isnt already behind a sub. Another thing that can check DReisen is things with natural cure and maisma types if she isnt packing mana burst. Oh and another thing to mention is that her own type can wall her if she doesnt carry night shade or toxic them. Also most things that can counter DReisen are Dream or Faith types but there is someone who should get a honerable mention and thats Mugetsu. Due to Mugetsu's typing DReisen wont be doing anything besides toxic stalling which is bad if Mugetsu gets behind a sub since then she could just set up spikes and\or baton pass the sub to something much scarier.

Other Options aka things that I just considers
So here are some options that I'm not joking when I say I just thought about them. First off Sludge bomb can be a thing if you are scared that you are going to run into certain special defensive fairies, which are DSunny, Star Sapphire and DDaiyousei. Flash will not really  help the defensive set too much and might work on the bulky attacker set. You could run an agility set by using the bulky attacker set and messing with the hp evs and speed to fit how fast you want to go with agility but I have no clue how good it would do but try it and tell me how well it works after you use it a few times.

tl;dr version
DReisen is basically a special defensive toxic staller who has access to night shade and sub. She can go bulky attacker if you want to go do that. Watch out for faith, dreams, Maisma, hearts, and certain other things like DDaiyousei or Mugetsu.

(There I'm done I'm not good at these things but I made another one of these topics. I hope I at least got someone to try out DReisen)
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