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noob need help.
« on: October 31, 2017, 09:53:40 PM »

(First of all, i'm not english, so my speech will be a little strange. sorry.)

Interressed by Puppet Dance, i will play on it, but i face the same problem than here:

I follow (or i try to follow) every instruction on this topic for try to solve my problem by myself, but i cant unsinstall my version. Everytime i get the folder for the game, i get a "Game data invalid. Re install and try again."

(i didn't have the ... hm... legal one. Sorry, but i didn't have a mastercard, just Paypal. -3-
For some reason, even if i Download another folder in another site, i get the same thing...)

someone can help me?

(for some reason, if i run the non unicode thing in japanese, i can't use the unins000. but even if i can, that does nothing... :/ )
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Re: noob need help.
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2017, 11:43:12 PM »
are you playing the expansion?

if you need to manually uninstall, just delete the game folder from "C:\game\FocasLens" and the configuration folder from "%appdata%\FocasLens"
(paste %appdata%\FocasLens into the address bar on windows explorer and delete the folder called 幻想人形演舞)

run the base game installer again with a japanese locale emulator so it installs correctly and then the expansion should work.
you can do the same thing for the expansion, but i don't think you need to.
note that you will always need to run the games themselves with a locale emulator as well.

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Re: noob need help.
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2017, 02:54:07 AM »
About expansion :
I don't know if that was the expansion. If that can help, I extracted from a file of  2,5 Go.

About delete
You lay the finger of the problem. 
I don't have any folder named " C:\game " (just " C:\games " and nothing with FocasLens.)
In the same ways, i have nothing found if i search with " %appdata%\FocasLens ".

About emulator
I have copied every move on a video of a guy who show how to work LEGUI, but when he can play , i'm still with the "Game Data Invalid."

The only way for the game to work for me is if i do absolutely nothing. But if i do that, i'm still with the number problem.

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Re: noob need help.
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2017, 12:06:02 AM »
you're doing something strange then.
did you mean 2.5 GB? that's much too big, even for both games combined (perhaps it contains all the incremental patches as well?).
are you extracting the game files directly from an archive? or using an installer?
%appdata% is a shortcut to C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming (unless you are on windows XP) there should be a FocasLens folder there if you installed correctly
what does the games title screen look like? if it says "-shard of dreams-" or "-ユメノカケラ-" then you are using the expansion.
if you are using a user account and running the installer as admin, you will have problems.

the "Game Data Invalid" error is most likely from running the installer without japanese locale (or having foreign characters in the install path).
the simple solution is to start over from the beginning and run the game installers with a japanese locale emulator. you do not need to uninstall whatever you did already.
make sure you are installing the game files to a location that has ONLY japanese or english characters in the ENTIRE path (this is for compatibility with shift-jis).
the default install path is fine.

if you are extracting from an archive or other weird stuff, you can fix it manually (last resort). make sure you know how to find %appdata%.

long instructions
install, extract, or move the base game to c:\game\FocasLens\tpdp (this must be the root folder i.e. C:\game\FocasLens\tpdp\gn_enbu.exe must exist)
the folder %appdata%\FocasLens\幻想人形演舞 must exist, create it if you need to.
inside the folder must be a text file called gn_enbu.ini, create it if it does not exist.
the content of gn_enbu.ini must look like this (including the empty line at the end):
Code: [Select]

you can install somewhere other than C:\game\FocasLens\tpdp but then gn_enbu.ini MUST be saved as shift-jis if the path contains non-english characters
if that doesn't work then you are doing something bizarre and will need to use a proper installer. you can also try setting your system locale to japanese.
if you are using the expansion, do it again but replace "%appdata%\FocasLens\幻想人形演舞" with "%appdata%\FocasLens\幻想人形演舞-ユメノカケラ-" and "gn_enbu.ini" with "install.ini"

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Re: noob need help.
« Reply #4 on: November 03, 2017, 03:50:46 AM »
about the size :
2.5Go is the archive downloaded. I suppose the site will let dl a big one for get a better stats, or something... The game alone (the gn_enbu.exe) is 5,44Mo and the japanese version of the game (orig_gn_enbu.exe) almost the same, a little less.

I finally try to go on Touhou Online, and i find a way to get an archive with the extension too, this entire folder is on 1,14Go. (respectively 727Mo for the vanilla and 441Mo for the extension)

About installation :
I get the game via archives, so its surely not installed correctly.
I know how to go on appdata (i have even a shortcut on my folder explorer) and beetween "discord" and "Google" they are no "FocasLens".

The only game who will work "normally" (if we exclude the numbers problem) is named ingame "幻想人形演舞"
Its the normal one.

Sadly, everytime i try to run the .exe when i use the japanese unicode or LEGUI, i get the Invalid data.

"start over from the beginning and run the game installers with a japanese locale emulator."
Once i extract the archive with winrar, i just need to open the new forlder created and run the .exe . i don't have any installation required.

"create it if you need to."
I do that i create all folder on the long instruction.
I get a configuration parameter for gn_enbu.ini (so its okay, i guess) but i didn't understand about the shift-jis things bugs me. And i don't know what to do next.

I screen my folder for the steps made.
(this folder was named "vanilla" by touhou online.
- Since i woke up of my dumbness, i understand how to use the SoD interface patch Build for get the extension.
But for some reason, when i do that
its bugued.)
Even after the black screen, the game can be loaded. i didn't see what yukari say to me, because here, the black screen didn't work. I see my character on the bus, but i cannot see the dialogue box or Yukari I managed to go foward on the game, i even get a screen i can play more or less normally. i can't see my option when i paused the game. but when i go to the first fight, the game crash.

lucky me, i didn't patch the folder screened, but a copy.


And right now i don't know what to do. (i guess the 'noob' on the title isn't stealed. lel.)

I try to use the gn_enbu presented on my screen "C:/game" with LEGUI, ans thats worded. i get a lot of kanjis on my 'profile' but the number is here.
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Re: noob need help.
« Reply #5 on: November 04, 2017, 03:16:33 AM »
I know you said you aren't a native English speaker, but it's almost painful to attempt to understand what you are trying to say. I'll do my best to help though.

If you extracted it from an archive, try running the extraction program (7zip or whatever you use) in Japanese locale then extract the files from there to keep the game files with Japanese characters, which may be the reason behind your bugs. I would keep the two games in separate folders, to avoid overlapping errors (Such as TPDP for the base game and YnK for the expansion). And make sure the install paths in Appdata are correctly pointed to their respective games. You should have two folders in Appdata/Roaming/FocasLens: 幻想人形演舞 and 幻想人形演舞-ユメノカケラ-. In the first folder should be gn_enbu.ini in the second folder should be install.ini and in both files should be [InstallSettings] and InstallPath=(wherever the respective game is saved to).

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Re: noob need help.
« Reply #6 on: November 05, 2017, 03:35:00 AM »
spar pretty much got it. you will probably have a much easier time if you change your system locale to japanese, at least for the installation process.
the patch probably didn't work because the game didn't extract correctly and the names are all corrupted. run your extraction program with japanese locale. or you could try one that is unicode aware (like 7-zip), though i'm not sure that will help. you may need to run the patcher with japanese locale too (?).
don't worry about the shift-jis thing. i was just saying that if the the install path contained any japanese characters, you would need to save the configuration file with shift-jis encoding.
yours is all english so it's fine (english is compatible with all ANSI encodings).

more importantly, it looks like you dumped the base game and the expansion into the same folder? you can't do that, they need to be in separate folders.
i guess i was a little unclear with my instructions, but you should have 2 configuration files with different install paths.

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]

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Re: noob need help.
« Reply #7 on: November 05, 2017, 01:38:32 PM »

Sorry. I learns English by myself, by reading on the net.. I try to avoid the use of a translator, but sometimes it's not  very effective... ^^'

extraction :

I dug up 7zip since the meanders of my pc and, in a surprising way, I was able to manage to create a shortcut to reach it with Legui. But it wasn't effective. (and Avast reacted too.)
On another way, i didn't show to you the second folder, with the extension. Here. Kanjis readable, instead of the vanilla file, who doesn't.

about Appdata - Focaslens :
I created both files and the .ini
At first, i expected no changes, but on the files of the extension, i get a "Latest Version"

right now :

I can play both vanilla and extension (as long i use Legui.)

- Vanilla : Almost everything in the game is translated. The numbers too. (Yukari use the kanji for boy/girl, the profile get some kanjis too, and Status in the fights [ for example, this "A wild Chen appears" "Marisa's FoAtk fell"] too.
Its unperfect, but correct. )
- Extension : The Fight system is translated (with the exception of the Talents), the Start Menu and the numbers too.
And that's all.

(i don't actually set my computer on japanese, I would detail in the next comment.)
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