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« on: May 27, 2013, 04:47:32 AM »

Type: Beast
Abilities: Limber or Early Bird
Base Stats
HP: 80
Atk: 100
Def: 60
Spd: 130
SpAtk: 60
SpDef: 60

If you're looking for more offensive power over speed, then use Attack Chen, as she is essentially the same thing that trades 30 attack for 30 speed. In my opinion, Attack Chen is better used as a Tailwind user if your intention is to set it up or die trying. Using Tailwind on ordinary Chen is just a worthless bonus in my opinion. As a result, I'd prefer to use Chen solely as a revenge killer.

Her ability is a toss up. Personally, I prefer Early Bird over Limber, as it allows her to take a Sleep move and simultaneously activate sleep clause, then wake up whenever you want. I've never done that before, and I'll bet there are readers face-palming at how stupid I am right now for mentioning that. Limber is also great as well for taking paralysis aimed at other team mates.

Chen is an ordinary cat, and she behaves like one too; she's fast, she's weird, and she's super friggin annoying. The whole "9 lives" thing is bull shit, as Chen has terrible defenses, and suffers from a terrible mono-typing in Beast, which means that Chen is taking 2x damage from squirt guns, wild crows, and flamethrowers; much like ordinary cats. Her typing isn't doing her any favors offensively either. While her move-pool slightly remedies the coverage problem, they can be studied once, and then suddenly Chen is no longer a threat, as you'll realize that Chen has maybe 3 or 4 good attacking moves.

But obviously it's not all bad for Chen. Like all Beast-types out there, she's a Ghost buster, and she has just enough moves at her disposal to accomplish that. But the same can be said about almost any Beast. In the end, Chen is best used as a revenge killer, and while she doesn't seem too threatening at first glance, a Double-Edge coming off a base attack stat of 100 under a Choice Ribbon really hurts. Get all of her counters out of the way, and Chen will have a field day.

Revenge Killer
Chen @ Special Bloomers/Choice Ribbon
Ability: Limber/Early Bird
EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd,-SpAtk)
- Slash/Double-Edge
- Soar
- Metal Claw
- Rock Bullet

With a Choice item, Chen's Attack and Speed stats reach 448 and 394 respectively, outpacing most puppets without a Speed Boost passed down to them. Double-Edge is the whole reason you're using Chen, as it provides Chen with the raw power it needs to tear through teams. Soar covers for Natures, and Metal Claw is your only weapon against Flyers. The last slot is completely up for grabs, and you should use whatever move out of Chen's move-pool that you think would benefit your team the most. Rock Bullet is listed as it does an okay amount of damage under a Choice item, and it could be used to clean up low HP sweepers under a Speed Boost. Very situational, though.

Other Options
All of Chen's remaining options work just as well in the final slot of the first set listed above. Cross Poison, Brick Break, and Heart Break could work depending on your team, but it should be noted that a STAB Double-Edge will hit harder neutrally than a Super-effective hit on any of the previously mentioned moves. Pursuit is a gimmicky option, but is still very worthy of mention. Fury Swipes is a desperate move that can break substitutes, but it is more often than not weaker than Slash and Double-Edge. Finally, Dig is a powerful Earth-type move that Chen has access to, but unfortunately, Dig is very exploitable, and more often than not she'll dig up only to find a bird waiting to pluck her out of the ground.

I suppose you could run Tailwind to screw with people who think you're running a Choice set. However, Attack Chen pulls off Tailwind much better in my opinion. The only thing that Tailwind Chen gets over Tailwind Attack Chen is Metal Claw, and that unfortunately does not OHKO most Flying-types at +1. The fact that Flyers are immune to Spikes does not help Chen's case.

If it doesn't resist Double-Edge, it is probably 2HKOed by it at best, and even if resisted, your switch-in is in for a rough ride. +1 Double-Edge is strong, and is not to be taken lightly. I hate to say it, but if Chen is rampaging, sometimes it's best to let a puppet die, and then revenge kill it with something like Mimi-chan, or just about any resistor in general.

Any Flying-type not named Tori is a counter to a Chen that is locked into a Beast move. The Utsuhos can switch in on Slash or Metal Claw, at which point Chen will most likely scurry away and tell it's master that there's a weird bird on their opponent's team that supposedly ate a sun god and is trying to destroy the world, and it needs to die NOW.
Wriggle can use Chen as set-up bait. Tenma, Aya, and Kaguya are some examples of defensive natures/flyers that can all out-heal Double-Edge. Finally, Kisume can threaten a Burn while taking minimal damage.

If Chen is locked into any other move, simply counter accordingly.

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Re: Chen
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[6:30:51] DoctorShanks: Is Star Sapphire actually good or do people just use her because she's cute? Or both?
[6:30:55] Irisorchid: both
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