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[WIP]Attack Lily White
« on: April 25, 2013, 11:09:58 PM »
WIP - Shoddy format for sets not used. Lack of information on Counters. Easy fix, but I'll have to play with ALilyWhite a bit myself and get around to her counters. There's also a famous lead set involving Fake Out.

Attack Lily White
Type: Heart
Abilities: Spring Charm
Base Stats:
HP: 120
Atk: 120
Def: 60
Spd: 50
SpAtk: 50
SpDef: 80

One hell of a mixed staller is really angry 'cause no one cares about her spring ~
ALily is a heavy hitter, 120 Base Attack isn't something to laugh at. Her Ability may seem counterproductive for a tanky attacker, but exactly because she has high hp the +50% def if suffering a status effect could come in handy - paralysis still has a 25% of denying movement, but the speed reduction doesn't matter. Normal poisoning doesn't have much of an effect either, you'll counter-heal it with Leftovers. The worst case would be a burning because then her attack would be lowered by 50%, leaving her useless. One last word regarding the ability: uninvested and without a negative nature you'll reach 234 defense, granting some good resilience.
Last but not least her type: mono-type Heart, Meaning super effective STABs towards Dark and Reason and resistance towards Ghost, Dark, Reason and Heart. Faith and Dream are weaknesses.
Overall I daresay Attack Lily White is a good mon with good typing and interesting possible usage.

SubPunch Attack Lily White @ Leftovers
Adamant Nature (+ATK, -Sp.Atk)
1st Split -> 252 HP, 252 ATK, 4 SpDef
2nd Split -> 92 HP, 252 ATK, 164 SpDef

Move set:
Body Slam
Focus Punch
Giga Impact

Since ALily is slow as hell (50 Base speed), a +speed nature would be wasted on her. Hence I chose Adamant to maximize physical Attack at the lowest cost. For that reason and because of my play style I use a SubPunch set.
The two EV Splits aim at good damage and good surviability. 252 ATK speak for themselves, reaching the surprisingly high peak of 372 with 31 IV (Mind you, that's as high as Kasen, TByakuren or Mokou). From here on it depends on you.
Either more SpDef (with 164 EV you reach 237 SpDef which let's you take one or two special attacks as long as their not Super Effective) or more HP (max 444 HP with 252 EV - one Substitute has 111 HP which is not bad and provides a good shield for Focus Punch - with 92 HP you reach 404 HP, providing 101 HP per Substitute, meaning a Seismic Toss or Nightshade won't destroy it).
As with every SubPuncher, if possible Baton Pass her in - ideally with one or  two Tailwind/Speed Boost or even Swords Dance. After that set up your Substitute as fast as possible and start doing your dirty job - easy and simple. Just be sure to predict if your Substitute will break when you're behind it, especially when charging Focus Punch.

A little bit regarding the attacks:
Body Slam is STAB (upping the base-power to 127,5) and is used to crush Dark and Reason mons, but does neat damage to anything else non-resistant.
Focus Punch is insanely strong (150 base-power, couple that with a maximum of 372). it's Dream type, meaning it's super effective towards Steel and Heart
Giga Impact (130 base-power) is a bit dangerous because of the danger of heavy recoil damage. Nevertheless, it's Dark type, hitting Dream and Reason super effective.
The only weakness these Attacks don't cover is Faith.

Ofc something that takes her weaknesses well. Reason would be the best choice since it's resistant to both Dream and Faith - Yukari would be a beast of a teammate since she can take both physically and special hits good due to her being a strong mixed wall.

Nothing complicated: everything with strong Faith (Miko, Shikieiki) or Dream (Meiling, AYuugi) moves and freeze (Sakuya) or burn (every damn Fire tank).

That's it for my first set.
Don't tear me apart if I made some mistakes please :-D
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