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My new project: Touhoumon - a New Beginning
« on: July 25, 2017, 09:50:39 PM »
Project Name: Touhoumon - a New Beginning

Engine / ROM Base: pokemon heart gold / soul silver

Language: Spanish

History: The protagonist is a member of the Helsing Foundation, an organization of monster hunters dedicated to preserving peace and protecting humans from hostile youkai and Bonéka. The protagonist is pursued by several Bonéka who were attacking him and falls unconscious. Reimu sees it and helps him recover. As he takes refuge there, he realizes that the youkai are different from how they were described, apart from Reimu telling him that there is something strange about the Helsing Foundation, and that since they settled in the Human Village, there have been disappearances And strange happenings with humans, youkai and Bonéka, who have been suffering, and to face that organization, the protagonist must be strong, and for that the residents of Gensokyo will test the protagonist to know if he or she, depending Of the gender you choose, is the person chosen to face a possible threat that the Helsing Foundation is preparing in the shadows. And so he befriends the residents of Gensokyo to the point of protecting them from the organization. In reality, antagonists are an organization of monster hunters who trap them to create hybrid beings for war. Its appearance is a mixture between Umbrella, because in its base they are dedicated to create chimeras for the war, an occult organization (since this organization uses black magic and technology) and the leader makes reference to the Illuminati, because it is not known its true Aspect even in the final battle, where we will face against him in the two phases, in his human phase and in their transformation to demon.

- New features:

* Adult protagonists. The male 20 years and the female 18.

* The protagonist speaks and interacts with the residents of Gensokyo.

* The pokedex will be called iDollDex and will also function as a storage system. (If you can do a command for that)

* Bonéka from HRtP to LoLk can be found. (But I need the sprites from TH13 onwards to add them...)

* a new Type chart will be make:
Bug > Fairy
Ghost > Spirit
Rock > Oni
Steel > Metal
Dark > Devil
Earth > Earth
Fire > Solar
Water > Water
Electric > Wind
Dragon > God
Psychic > Magic
Normal > Human
Fighting > Beast
Poison > Toxic

* Tower of Legends will be a new league Bonéka (not to mention pokemon). Unlike the others, this will be a competitive league where the Bonéka will be at level 100 with all their IVs and EVs to the maximum and equipped with objects that are used in the competitive. (If you have Boneka with the SP Thief, it is your chance to get those objects). The tower will be composed of the 8 best Spanish-speaking poketubers, the runner-up, who is the original creator of the first games of Touhoumon, Aichiya Sanae, and the champion, who will be myself, OuryuuXIX. The tower will be made of 20 floors, and between each floor of each member of the tower will be plagued Bonéka at level 100 with speed and attack to the maximum, which will not let the player pass, and can not be caught, instead, use Self-destruct , Block, Explosion or Destiny Bond.

* The TM will be called SP or Spell Card and the HM will be called SH or Special Hability.

* Bonéka Z will be the legendary of that edition. For more information, consult this link:
In the Editions of Another World and World link they do not appear of normal form, but in this game yes.

* The map will be more extensive and the locations will be broader.

* The difficulty was raised in the maps of the Bamboo Forest, the Road to Heaven, the Garden of the Sun, the Magic Forest and the Makai.

* There will be more daily events.

* You will be able to complete the iDollDex without having to use another game.

* In this version there are no gyms, but tests that some residents of Gensokyo will give you to advance in your adventure:
1. Miko: (does not give you a test, you have to gather some items to revive her). SH Cut
2. Marisa: combat. SH Surf
3. Patchouli: Combat
4. Yukari: combat. SP Flash
5. Hijiri: (does not give you a test, you have to go and rescue her at Makai). SH Strenght
6. Mokou: Defeat Kaguya. SH Rock Smash
7. Satori: defeats Rin and Utsuho. SH Treparrocas
8. Yuuka: Combat.
9. Shikieiki: combat. SH Waterfall
10. Sanae, Kanako and Suwako: Combat each
11. Shinki: defeats Mima, Kongara, Yuugenmagan and Sariel to fight against her.
12. Tenshi: combat. SH Fly
13. Yuyuko: defeat or capture the Saigyou Ayakashi
14. Cirno: Defeat the Faerie Fairies
15. Akyuu: Destroys the Helsing Foundation
16. Reimu: combat. Authorizes you to enter the Tower of Legends

* In the postgame you will face the legendary champions Renko and Maribel, and you will be able to capture the Boneka Z that is by Gensokyo.

Images of the project:
All the sketches I show will be handmade, but they are still under development and correction. As soon as I write these lines, I have a draft of the male and female protagonists, the antagonist team logo, the leader in the human phase, the map of the region and its zones, and a few labyrinths of some caves and forests that will come in the game.

his is the first project I would like to do, and before I finish I would like to clarify a few things:

1. I wanted to base myself on the HG / SS versions to make the map more extensive, but if there is another way to do it (either in D / P / Pt), I will listen to suggestions.

2. it will not be a fifth generation since I did not find animated sprites.

3. It will be a game for those over 16 as it contains somewhat strong themes. Will not contain explicit violence or gore or rape or sex, so do not worry.



2 composers, 2 scripters, 2 mappers (and I would give them these designs to transfer them to digital) and 2 titlers.

Working hours:
(in process)

In modifying sprites, in modifying commands, in creating and modifying new events, in drawing to computer, in composing musical pieces, etc. (All this based on tools and modification for pokemon NDS games).

My intention is to create a hackrom of Touhoumon, using a rom of pokemon soul silver, and for this I request the help of you. To create an hackrom you need:

- The mapper (which will create the maps, and in the case of GBA, will do the events)

- The Scripter (which will create the functions of each character, poster, etc ... It is basically a programmed. In the case of NDS, it also adds the NPCs and creates the events.)

- The scriptwriter (although they do not believe it, it is not easy to make a script, and there are people who specialize in it to form the best script in his hack rom)

- The historian (the same as the previous one, but forms the story, the plot, you know)

- The tiler (will create the graphic part as it comes being buildings, furniture, etc ...)

- The spriter (will create the graphic part as it comes being the characters, fakemons (pokémons created by oneself), among other things

- The composer, who will take care of the soundtrack and the sound effects of the game.

In this case, I already have drafts of what the maps would be, but they are sketched by hand, but I do not know how to upload them.

Also, I will be the historian and scriptwriter obviously, so what I would lack would be 2 composers, 2 scripters, 2 mappers (and I would give them these designs to transfer them to digital) and 2 titlers.

Sorry... My english isn't very well... The original post can be found here:
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