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Alolan Form Touhous
« on: August 27, 2016, 11:09:40 PM »
Since Pokemon Sun and Moon are going to have regional variants of various Pokemon, I thought, why not think up some for Touhoumon. Here's my list:

Alolan Sanae Type: Grass/Psychic (1.5v), Faith/Reason (1.8v) Ability: Serene Grace
Appearance: Has a green grass skirt and a blue shirt with flower patterns on it. Instead of a frog and snake in her hair, she has a flower and vine.
Info: She migrated to Alola along with Kanako and Suwako and merged her faith with that of her new home. She has based her abilities off that of the island's guardian deity.

Alolan Kanako Type: Grass/Fire (1.5v), Faith/Fire (1.8v) Abilities: Pressure/Flash Fire
Appearance: Wears a tropical ceremonial version of her normal outfit. Her onbashira now resemble tiki totems with flames at their ends.
Info: Desiring to spread her presence to other lands, she come to Alola and merged the Moriya Shrine's culture with that of Alola. She now controls the lava and magma.

Alolan Suwako Type: Psychic/Ground (1.5v), Reason/Earth (1.8v) Ability: Water Compaction
Appearance: Her outfit is now primarily green-color with a bit of a Hawaiian feel to it. Her hat's color has a texture similar to a tiki mask with tiki-like eyes.
Info: Having come to Alola from a faraway land, she developed a connection to the earth of the tropical region. She now has power over the lush soil of her home island.

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Re: Alolan Form Touhous
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2016, 06:14:05 PM »
Alolan Patchouli Type: Psychic/Fighting (1.5v), Reason/Dream (1.8v) Ability:
Appearance: Has gotten rid of the heavily-dressed nightgown outfit in favor of a more shirt and shorts for the
hot weather of the Alola region, as well as short hair with a pony tail.  She retains the same color scheme.
Info: Without a big mansion for Patchouli to hide away in and read books all day long, she decided it was time to get
into better physical shape and began training with the help of Meiling. She's still got her magic power, but she's focused her
combat on more physical tactics.