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Power Yumemi
« on: August 02, 2016, 03:46:44 PM »
been using this girl, figure she deserves an analysis since she does a lot of work and i've seen plenty of other people use her

Type: Water/Light
Abilities: Unwavering Heart (absorbs Illusion moves to clear status) and Aggressive (raises FAtk or SAtk on entry)
Wiki page:
90 HP
55 FAtk
80 FDef
130 SAtk
75 SDef
90 Speed

Set: Super Soaker
Ability: Unwavering Heart
Mark: Black
EVs: 64 Satk/64 Speed/2 HP
Item: Good Earrings/Sapphire Hairpin
- Aqua Cannon
- Cold Rain
- Lightning Speed
- Inferno/Star Flare/Gravity Blast/Phase Inversion/Upbeat

Usage is incredibly straight-forward: team her with momentum users to get her in on something slower at full HP and click Aqua Cannon. It's Water Spout; 150 BP STAB from full HP with specs rivals Kyogre's power. Cold Rain is there to use if rocks are up, Lightning Speed lets you pivot out of and punish super-fat natures and water absorb things. Inferno is preferred in the last slot for coverage against Nature; Light STAB is unhelpful for coverage and Star Flare is pitifully weak. Gravity Blast can be used to hit...something? Phase Inversion is preferred for non-Choice sets due to sheer utility.

Other options include Aggressive, aka Download, aka another potential +50% to damage that is usually overkill in my experience when Unwavering Heart eases teambuilding much more. You could probably get a lot of kills with a Scarf Download set but you're also prone to becoming set-up fodder at inopportune times, and most things with balanced defenses will creep SDef to deny you a good boost (the only other Download puppet is the Utsuho form with 60 speed).
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