Author Topic: State of Affairs: November 3rd, 2017  (Read 6036 times)

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State of Affairs: November 3rd, 2017
« on: November 04, 2017, 03:13:48 AM »
Status of Affairs

We all knew it for a while but honestly it's time I stepped forward and was straight up: the project is not being translated, work on it hasn't been done in over a year, and nobody on the team really seems to care any further about the project itself. I can't blame them, it was a catastrophe from day one. Constant in-fighting, debates, the loss of team members because of such quarrels. Honestly, if I was an outsider, I wouldn't have wanted to get involved either.

I've done a lot of thinking on it, and I've made my decision: effective immediately, I am stepping down as head of the project. I am making the executive decision to put an end to this withering corpse once and for all. I was not suitable for the task of leading the project, and when the other head of the project left I knew it was basically dead. There's someone out there who can manage a translation project, manage a team, but that person absolutely isn't me, this endeavor has taught me that much at least.

I've uploaded the entire archive of what we had translated and what remained. Keep in mind, this is not the whole game, just the files required for translation. I do not know how to decompile the game, I do not know how to recompile the game. If someone else is aware, I encourage them to post about it in this thread.

I apologize for being quiet on this matter for so long. I had hopped that we could get a translator on board and finish the project soon, but unfortunately that didn't work out, hence why the decision has been made to end it here. Hopefully whoever picks this project back up will be able to complete it and allow people to enjoy a wonderful game.

Download link to the entire translation archive:!A88nGSIL!sUBS1ZIEu8IgUDzlz2XFBkx4Gy-Q5MhwzFVFtGHAWJU
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