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[WIP] Elis
« on: April 20, 2013, 04:04:33 PM »
WIP - Many more viable sets can be listed. Could use a lot more information.

Type: Dark/Wind
Abilities: Pressure
Base Stats:
HP: 70
Atk: 100
Def: 70
Spd: 100
SpAtk: 140
SpDef: 70


Elis is a rather obscure puppet, but boy does she have some great stats. Take a Beautiful 140 Special attack, add a decent 100 Attack and Speed, and top it off with a typing that complements both, and Elis will usually be sure to cause some damage before falling to a Steel, Faith, or Earth Type.

Special Speeder
-Thunder Bolt
-Dark Pulse/Hyper Beam
-Shadow Ball
Nature: Timid (+Spe, -Atk)
Item: Lum Berry
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 SpA/252 Spd/6 HP

Elis gets to show off that 140 Special Attack as it blasts most things to bits. Thunderbolt and Dark pulse get a nice boost from STAB, and the latter also has a chance of Flinching. Shadow Ball Scares off Reason Types and hits any ghosts who try to swap in on a Dark Pulse, and Sonicboom kills any Ayas that could take a T-bolt. If you're feeling lucky, you can use Hyper Beam instead and watch everything be obliterated if it hits.

Mixing it up
-Dark Pulse
-Psycho Cut
Nature: Naughty (+Atk, -SpDef)
Item: Salac Berry
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 Atk/252 SpA/6 Spd

Elis can make use great use of both Attack and Special Attack here. Thrash is a great STAB move to have with its 100 BP, and Psycho cut, while weak, lessens the threat of faith types.

Other Options
Heart Break is usable, but it's lack of a special effect can be daunting. Outrage is another, better option, since it packs a whopping 120 BP. Thunder wave is also a thing if Elis comes up on something faster than her.

As said Earlier, Faith, Steel, and Earth types are Bad for Elis. ASuwako and Sendai are notable ones, due to their commonness and STAB off of two of those types. SYoumu is also a problem due to it's 120 Speed, but Shadow Ball can take one out if she survives with her pitiful all 70 bulk.
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Re: [WIP] Elis
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2014, 03:24:11 PM »
Elis (M) @ Mistress Outfit (Dark)
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 40 Atk/216 Spd/252 SpAtk
Naive nature (+Spd,-SpDef)
- Hyper Beam
- Pursuit
- Thunderbolt
- Agility/Pain Split/T wave/Toxic

Elis has an abysmal movepool that leaves her hard walled by pretty much every special wall in the game cause no coverage. Thankfully she has that nifty dark/wind typing to abuse burds and ghorsts with. But ya your pretty much running her because mixed trapper that doesn't give DIEirin free turns, kills Sara and checks AReimu. 4th moveslot may seem better used by an attack but frankly she has no reason to run coverage cause her movepool absolutely blows in that respect. Agility is a neat tool that allows Elis to sweep lategame...if you can set it up...Pain split offers healing on the obvious special wall switchin, T wave cripples Youki's trying to get cheeky on the hyper beam swapin, toxic may seem gimmic but it ruins Sariels day. Ev spread outruns +speed base 95's and powers up pursuit as much as possible while preserving spatk. Naive over hasty is a big deal because living AReimu rock bullet is important.
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Re: [WIP] Elis
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2014, 01:05:52 AM »
I ran her with Thunder on a Rain Dance team, and she can be quite the sweeper.
I don't have that file anymore though, so I can't get the exact moveset and such, sorry.
But yeah, on a Rain Dance team, she's a nasty surprise for people expecting nothing but Water types, and a Hyper Beam to the face can ruin anyone's day, especially if it happens to resist said Thunder sweeping.