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Yoshika  (wiki)

Type: Miasma
Abilities: Minus/Gate Keeper

HP: 140
Attack: 75
Defense: 120
Sp. Attack: 40
Sp. Defense: 100
Speed: 30

Yoshika is pretty cool. Her offenses aren't too great, but she can take about as many hits as you would expect a zombie to be able to take, and Recover to go along with it. She can be countered fairly easily if the opponent is prepared, but unsuspecting teams will certainly loose a few members to her, if not most of the team.

Stall for as long as your undead body possibly can
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Gate Keeper
Nature: Impish/Careful
EVs: 252 HP/4 Def/252 Sp. Def

Toxic/Night Shade
Will-o-Wisp/Night Shade

This set is probably the most reliable, as Recover has an absurd amount of PP, allowing you to stall for days against anything that can't manage to out-damage/luck you. Toxic is your most reliable way of dealing damage, and Will-o-Wisp is for physical attackers, and some special attackers that are immune to poison. Roar it a good option against anything that tries to set up on Yoshika, and also lets you spread burns and poisons among multiple foes. It also makes Yoshika quite capable at crippling foes if you have spikes out. Curse isn't that great when you don't have any direct ways of damaging, but it's her only way of increasing defense (other than Ominous Wind, but why would you use Ominous Wind), and it's not like a speed decrease matters when you're literally as slow as a corpse. Lastly, Night Shade if useful for if status damage is taking too long, and can stop any Puppets with Guts that try anything sneaky. It can also break through substitutes, which is useful if you aren't running Roar.

As for the natures, Impish is the best if you want an even balance between defenses, but Careful will give her a surprisingly high Special Defense, which can be useful since people seem to like sending in special attackers to deal with her.

Other Options:
Poison Jab/Cross-Poison: A good STAB attack that works well with Curse. You could use this instead of Toxic, but it's more situational. Use at your own risk, I suppose.

Memento: Fun for ruining things that can out-damage Yoshika, but doesn't have much use otherwise. I wouldn't advise using it as a way to get rid of things with their stats boosted really high, since Roar can also do that and doesn't KO the user.

Refresh: Not really all that great on Yoshika. She's already immune to poison, and paralysis' speed nerf doesn't really do anything on her. If you're really that worried about status, you should probably just use a Lum berry. Though with that said, it can still be a handy move if you're willing to spend a move slot on it.

Block: Fun for keeping in Puppets that have Natural Cure, or really don't want to take a status. Though if you do plan on using this, then keep in mind that it's usually a better idea to use Block BEFORE using Toxic or Will-o-Wisp.

  Tensoku, Mimi-chan, and ASuwako with Water Veil all make her immediately useless, unless she's already managed to get a few curses up and is running Night Shade. But even then, she doesn't stand much chance against something that makes 90% of her most reliable moves obsolete.
  If she isn't running Night Shade, then you can also try using just about anything with Substitute and Gate Keeper/Soundproof, or just plain Substitute if she isn't running Roar either.
  Brute forcing her with strong Reason-types like Yumemi and Dark Alice is also an option, as long as you're okay with taking a status (Though Yumemi is probably more useful, since she can also take advantage of the previously mentioned Substitute/Soundproof set).
  For Yoshika sets that aren't running attacks that do direct damage, you can also use Restalk. Hell, you could probably even do this for Night Shade sets, since most of the Puppets that can actually use Restalk efficiently (Hi DYuyuko) have enough HP to shrug off 100 damage per turn. Though keep in mind that this method usually ends in painfully long stall-wars, and Yoshika can easily just switch out while you sleep.
  I suppose I should also mention Taunt a some point, but Gen 3 Taunt is dumb and easy to predict and is really dumb.
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