Author Topic: TLC/MPP/RSS/WNSP Typings  (Read 1947 times)

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« on: December 09, 2015, 05:50:36 AM »
What if we were to put characters from these fangames in? What are some of your ideas for their types?

Here's what I've got:
Marry: Fairy/Grass
Corin: Dark/Fighting
Phiased: Psychic/Electric
Mumumu: Dark/Fire
Janet: Fairy/Psychic
Michel: Fairy/Fighting
Iesua: Psychic/Ghost
Elfin: Fairy/Grass
Kodama-R: Grass/Fairy
Kodama-G: Grass/Fairy
Kodama-Y: Grass/Fairy
Kusuko: Water/Poison
Momo: Ground/Fire
Saraka: Dark/Psychic
Tenmu: Dark/Ghost
An: Grass/Ghost
Mitama: Electric/Psychic
Riko: Electric/Psychic
Hatsuna: Electric/Fighting
Ruri-Confined: Ice/Ghost
Ruri-Unbound: Ice/Psychic
Himemiko: Psychic/Fighting
Hanie: Fighting/Steel
Tarumi: Fighting/Steel
Momohime: Psychic/Fire
Yato: Steel/Dragon
Kiyohime: Psychic/Dragon
Tokubi: Steel/Electric
Shiragiku: Normal/Psychic
Minayu: Psychic/Grass
Setsujou: Dragon/Psychic
Koukai: Fire/Water
Anza: Electric/Psychic
Uka: Psychic/Steel
Raku: Flying/Psychic
Vinkawars: Fairy/Fighting
Azuma: Fighting/Ground
Kayano: Grass/Psychic
Tenyuu: Normal/Psychic

Marry: Nature/Wind
Corin: Dark/Beast
Phiased: Reason/Illusion
Mumumu: Beast/Fire
Janet: Reason/Heart
Michel: Reason/Illusion
Iesua: Reason/Illusion
Elfin: Nature/Heart
Kodama-R: Nature/Heart
Kodama-G: Nature/Heart
Kodama-Y: Nature/Heart
Kusuko: Water/Miasma
Momo: Earth/Illusion
Saraka: Dark/Illusion
Tenmu: Dark/Ghost
An: Nature/Reason
Mitama: Wind/Shinto
Riko: Wind/Heart
Hatsuna: Wind/Shinto
Ruri-Confined: Ice/Dream
Ruri-Unbound: Ice/Illusion
Himemiko: Reason/Shino
Hanie: Shinto/Steel
Tarumi: Shinto/Steel
Momohime: Reason/Illusion
Yato: Steel/Beast
Kiyohime: Illusion/Beast
Tokubi: Steel/Wind
Shiragiku: Dream/Reason
Minayu: Dream/Nature
Setsujou: Beast/Illusion
Koukai: Fire/Water
Anza: Wind/Reason
Uka: Dream/Reason
Raku: Wind/Illusion
Vinkawars: Nature/Shinto
Azuma: Shinto/Earth
Kayano: Nature/Reason
Tenyuu: Nature/Illusion


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« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2015, 11:17:57 PM »
Incidentally i was gonna add Last Comer puppets in my hack if I ever started it. I was gonna give Marry Beast/Heart, Michel Faith/Flying, and Iesua Faith/Heart.

Also thats a LOT of Illusion.