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My Touhoumon WL Team


Since I currently am playing World Link, I wanted to share to you my team!

China (FMeiling) LV 24
La Luna (ELunaChild) LV 25
Miku (Miku) LV 29
Mukyuu (Patchouli) LV 25

Thats just my main team. Here are my misc ones!

Corvetta (Tenshi) LV 25
Oni (CSuika) LV 14
Korea (COrange) LV 16
Aki (CMinoriko) LV 17
Waifu (Elly) LV 22
Mindshaker (CKoishi) LV 8
Boo (Kogasa) LV 24
Lil Bubby (Mai) LV 24

I'm sorry but you made one little mistake - This subforum is dedicated to competitive teams used in Touhoumon Shoddy 2, not in-game.


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