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List of hacks
« on: March 19, 2012, 01:07:58 AM »
Taken straight from Poolswimmer:

There are various versions of the game currently in the wild. You can download the latest japanese version off the official uploader for the Touhou Puppet Play Wiki:

The official port of 1.812 to the english version of Fire Red was maintained by EX Sariel, though he has stopped updating.
The official port of 1.5 to the english version of Fire Red was maintained by Lobsterhime, though he has stopped updating.

An unofficial port to bring Touhoumon to Pokemon Diamond is in the works and help is appreciated to anyone who feels like pitching in.
Achiya Sanae is working on an english Fire Red port of 1.81x implementing content from the unofficial patches, such as new puppets and the Johto region. More information about this can be found here:
Agastya is working on a hack of Emerald based on 1.81x. It can be found here:

Note that the rest of these versions are based off 1.5:
Touhoumon Another World is a straight english port based on the famous japanese Gensokyo Scenario and Touhoumon World Link is a custom Emerald hack, both compatible with each other and found on Achiya's blog here: +
Aqua+Yui is an english version designed to fill up as many slots as possible and focus on collecting. You can get it here:
Drakuaza's Insane version is an extreme difficulty hack designed to push the limits of the player itself. Not for the feint of heart, you've been warned. You can get it here:
Anjirusensei's Scarlet Emerald hack is still floating about, but he has taken down his own links himself and asks for his projects to rest in piece. The Mediafire link that used to be here has thus been 404 for quite a while.
There is a different Emerald hack by EXSariel and Agastya, primarily the former. It is currently up to 1.1, but no longer getting updates. You can get it here:

Feel free to post suggestions on any others that should get added.
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Touhoumon Ordinary Version
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2013, 06:13:59 PM »
This thing.

Basically, it's a Gen II Touhoumon hack running some Gen III mechanics. If anything, it's more similar to 1.5 than 1.8, but it's the only Gen II hack currently available nevertheless, and it's not bad.

I noticed that it wasn't on the hack list, so there.