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Defense Kaguya; The Awesome Tank!
« on: June 15, 2021, 10:02:33 PM »
A S.S.H Tank!
Defense Kaguya @Food Rations
Ability: Flaming Garment
EVs: 64 FDef / 64 SDef / 2 SAtk
Blue Mark
- Moonbow or Star Flare
- Supernatural Border
- Thermit
- Grace of Mana
*Preferably Reincarnated.

Details/use: This D-Kaguya follows a certain method I have for all of my tanks, which is S.S.H.
S stands for Stall. In most cases, Supernatural Border is used.
S stands for Status. We want to inflict the enemy with a Heavy Burn or Heavy Poison, so I'm using Thermit in this case.
H stands for Heal. Grace of Mana is used for this.
The strategy is to send out Kaguya, keep her there, inflict Heavy Burn, and alternate between Attacking with Moonbow and using Supernatural Border. When she's low on health, we use Grace of Mana to heal! D-Kaguya just sits there, attacking, stalling, and healing while your enemy should burn to death! Weakness: Enemies who have ways to combat status effects, or enemies who inflict Kaguya with the Weak status condition, which will prevent her from healing without items.
The Aspiring TPDP Player, who seeks to become a master at the game! Regrets making a defense Kisume, lol.