Author Topic: Kokoro's First TPDP: SoD Team  (Read 1016 times)

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Kokoro's First TPDP: SoD Team
« on: July 29, 2021, 06:22:08 PM »
This is the first team I used when I first played through the game. I'm laying it out here so I can analyze whether or not I was building good teams at the start.

Speed Chen
Type; Wind Mark; Black
Ability: Flexible
-Sharp Wind
-Lightning Speed
-Spinning Air
-Blaze Spear

Notes: Speed Chen is a fairly fast option, with a speed of 365 if maxed out with PP. However, in my playthrough, she kept getting knocked out by Electric type opponents, because they kept outspeeding her.

Power Kokoro
Type; Void/Light Mark; White
Ability: Infinite Changes
-Strike Shot
-Spring First
-Evil-Crushing Arrow
-Grace of Mana

Notes: Power Kokoro, is mostly built for defense, with priority moves to change type and minimize damage. Being my starter puppet, she has all S stats, making her very good.

Extra Yoshika
Type; Earth/Nether Mark; Red
Ability: Common Senseless
-Whole Being
-Break Shot
-Shooting Press
-Specter's Waltz

Notes: Yoshika is a fighter on the team, being the earth type converage and who I usually switch out to in case of electric types targeting Speed Chen. However, her light type weakness makes her not a good match up to switch into Speed Marisa, who is Light/Electric type. And Marisa is always using a Speed Marisa....

Power Kyouko
Type; Sound Mark; Black
Ability: Niche
-Danmaku Orchestra
-Ultra High Tone
-Storm Cloud's Eye
-Brave Song

Notes: Kyouko is the Sound type coverage for the team, but also is very good at doing damage. Brave Song boosts Sp. Attack by 2 stages, and Niche boosts those sound type skills even more, making Kyouko very effective at dishing out lots of damage. However, while she has Storm Cloud's Eye for Wind types, she has nothing against Electric types.

Defense Kaguya
Type; Light Mark; Blue
Ability: Flaming Garment
-Supernatural Border
-Grace of Mana

Notes: Kaguya is the main tank of the team, taking hits while I sometimes used items to revive my puppets. (Only on hard ones!) Her strategy here is to Burn, Heal, and Protect. She'll starve out the enemy.

Defense Kisume
Type; Dark/Water Mark; White
Ability: Indomitable
-Supernatural Border
-First Aid

Notes: Kisume operates on the same strategy as Kaguya, but slightly less effective. However, with her ability to prevent her from being OHKO'D, she becomes a slightly more valuable assest.

Team Overview:
The Aspiring TPDP Player, who seeks to become a master at the game! Regrets making a defense Kisume, lol.