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My TPDP Team!
« on: March 10, 2021, 09:51:11 AM »
Note: I'm currently using the base game and not YnK, but I'll probs gonna switch to it later

            DReimu (Starter)
     Ability: Economist
     Item: Life Charm
|Revolving Illusions|Ephemeral             |
|Metal Needle        |Evil-Crushing Arrow|

       Ability: Niche
       Item: Curing Charm
|Landslide|Swift Air-Raid    |
|Wind Wave|Waves of Earth|

         Ability: Active
         Item: Anti-Wind Charm
|Hammer Throw|Killing Bite      |
|Venom Nova    |Shooting Press|

         Ability: Telescopic
         Item: Binoculars
|Macroburst|Energy Absorb      |
|Parasite     |Bewithching Pollen|

         Ability: Spirit of Yin
         Item: Sugilite Hairpin
|Dark Innocence|Panic Call          |
|Ominous Doll   |Twilight Infection|
          Ability: Frail Health
          Item: Diamond Hairpin
|Revolving Illusions|Guided Missile|
|Foresee               |Over Ray        |

           Some Comment:
DReimu: A pretty good puppet, I choose it because of Her Type, which consists of Illusion AND Void, meaning that She is invincible for both Void Puppets and Illusion Puppets. Star of Hope for the team

AChen: Also a Star of hope, I like how fast She is and Her STAB Attacks, Especially with Swift Air-Raid and Waves of Earth.

DNazrin: Another Star of Hope, She is pretty much used as much as Chen, because both of them are Earth-Type, but She got Venom Nova and it's Super effective against Water-Types and Nature-Types, and it deals a good amount of damage too. She's also pretty fast.

SDaiyousei: She is Fast, and her life-stealing skills are really great, and don't forget about the Bewitching Pollen, combined with Her Telescopic Ability and Binoculars, The chance of it missing is now much lower than before.

PSekibanki: Not really used that much, But comes in handy when fighting Void-Type Puppets, Especially with Her Twilight Infection.

AAkyuu: Weakest Puppet in the team, but with Her Frail Health ability, it comes in handy when there's a puppet that can't break Illusion/Nature's barrier. I used this tactic against PRemi on SDM