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Touhoumon Fish and Chips (v1 Release)
« on: July 03, 2020, 05:13:37 AM »
So here's something a bit different.

Touhoumon Fish and Chips is a romhack of Pokemon FireRed, based on Mille's REALLY BASIC 1.8 port. 1.8 may have had an incredible dex, but the actual maingame is shit. It's garbage. Illegal movesets, obnoxious level curve, the Elite Four is UNEDITED. So this was an attempt to change that.

"But Koko!" You may ask. "Why should I play this over Unnamed?" That's a great question, and to be honest, I cannot claim my hack is better than Unnamed. What I can claim, however, is that my hack does its own things. For one thing, the dex entries have been rewritten, mostly from scratch. They are primarily meant to be either informative, comedic, or both. My inspiration is Pokemon Altered Emerald, but Touhou's lore can be Like That, so I wanted to put some of that in too. Also, there are a number of things in the dex that I found curious. For example, things such as Tenshi, the Aki Sisters, or Hina would all qualify as Faith-types, yet are not. The Fairies of Light all fall under Color-Coded For Your Convenience1, a trope that I cannot stand for the life of me. Some mons are, in my opinion, oddly balanced, such as AdAlice or Rei'sen. And some names just have changed as the series has. My goal in this hack was to make something interesting and unique first, and focus on a balanced, thoughtful gameplay experience second.

Please, report any bugs or suggestions below. I'd be happy to hear anyone else out. This is also not a one-and-done release, I still need to edit normal trainers, the script, and probably wilds as well. This was primarily so this project wasn't stewing in development hell forever.

Download Link


-A large number of moveset alterations have been made to account for type changes, the scale of which would take far too long to account for. Apologies.

-Various edits to important trainers, to tone down the level curve a bit while also forcing them to be legal.

-When picking Reisen, the rival's Aya is changed to Nitori.

-Legendary Birds are now Youki, Tenma, and Layla. DLayla has not been altered.


-CAlice evolves into Alice by friendship and Dark Alice by level

-Reisen forms (except TReisen) are now part Beast

-Shizuha and Minoriko are now part Faith

-Koakuma is part Dark

-TSuika is Earth/Water and has Strange Mist instead of Hi Strength

-TIku is updated to her Purple stats

-CTenshi, Tenshi, and DTenshi are Earth/Faith

-ATenshi is Steel/Faith, -10 SAtk and Spd, +20 Def

-SKogasa is Ghost/Water, -10 Atk, +10 SAtk, and has Drizzle. Surprise!

-TKogasa is Ghost/Heart

-Sunny Milk forms are Illusion instead of Fire and have Chlorophyll

-Luna Child forms are Ice instead of Wind (as snow muffles sound, you see) and have Soundproof

-Star Sapphire forms are Heart instead of Water and have Focus

-TNue is Miasma/Steel

-Rei'sen has 165 Special Attack; it's Lunarian technology.

-Byakuren stats changed to: 90/120/115/75/90/60

-DByakuren -5 SAtk, +5 Atk

-TByakuren stats changed to: 80/105/80/95/80/110

-Kongara made significantly more RADICAL

-CMarisa given Sketch as an Egg Move

-Speed Shizuha and Attack Minoriko are Earth/Faith, while AkiSisters, Defense Minoriko, and Helper Shizuha are Nature/Faith

-AdAlice is Ghost/Heart HP>100, SAtk>80, Spd>60

-Super Marisa given Drought, because Fuck You, Hemo, That's Not Okay
--As an addendum to this, Elite 4 members given Advent Forms, from which you can steal Orange Hearts.
--Hakurei evolution to Sendai changed to Orange Hearts.

-Letty updated to Purple stats

-Hina forms are now Miasma/Faith

-SUtsuho given Drought, stats are now 85/70/95/80/80/120. I don't care if it's a bad idea, she can create suns in canon, and it's FUNNY.

-ATewi and DTewi sliding changed to using the requisite shards.


-Mimi-Chan +10 SAtk

-Ruukoto +50 HP, +10 Def, -30 Speeed

-Genji +40 spd

-Tori abilities are now Early Bird and Collector

-Orange +30 Atk, -10 Def, SAtk, and Speed

-Youki +10 Atk and Speed.

-Rika is Steel/Flying

-TNitori is Water/Steel

-Layla +20 Atk, SAtk, HP

-Tenma's stats are now 80/50/105/130/115/80

-Magan -30 HP, +20 SDef

-Mima -10 SAtk, -10 HP

-Tenma's links to Hatate and Aya removed.

-CSunny's stats now 50/55/45/65/45/70

-DSunny's Atk and SAtk swapped


-Reisen II>Rei'sen

-Shikieiki and all forms updated to Eiki

-CLolice and Lolice>CSmolice and Smolice, because ew.


-CLayla replaced with CMima
-Magan and CElis added to Cerulean Cave
-Youki in Altering Cave replaced with Sendai.


-Ruukoto shiny palette updated.

1.1 changelog

-Chibi Rumia's moveset made usable

-TNazrin is now Beast/Steel

-Champion's Kasen renamed to Ibaraki, resprited to Kasen's true form. Player Kasen added to Altering Cave, can evolve to Ibaraki with Connect Shard.

-Weather Ball added to Utsuho forms

-Prismrivers removed from Pokemon Tower, moved to Power Plant. Pokemon Tower has every other ghost, but Marowak was changed to DLayla.

-Dex entries updated: Chiyuri line, Yumemi line, Satori, Eirin line, AMarisa, Flandre line

-Kogasa>Ghost/Heart, TKogasa Ghost/Steel

-ZFairy EXP discrepancy fixed

-New form added! TPatchouli, a physical Nature/Steel type.

-AdMaris>Wind/Dark, Marisa>Wind


-In-Game Trade Nicknames updated

-National Dex NPC added. Not mandatory to evolve NatDex 'mons, but picking it up lets you see their dex entries. Don't advance the Sevii Islands quest if you do, however, as that locks the Elite Four to their rematch levels, which haven't been edited yet.

Special thanks:
-Mille and the Reaverse discord server for listening to me ramble and helping me out with technical problems
-YAPE, which I did most of the dex editing in
-Gen 3 Suite, which I did the stat and type editing in
-Hopeless Trainer Editor, which I used for about 5 minutes before mistyping and having a Decamark thrown in my face, spiking my heartrate. Thanks.
-Unnamed Trainer Editor, which I did the rest of my work in.
-AdvanceMap 1.92 and PKSVUI for map and scriptwork.
-Reimufate, for the excellent Kasen sprites

1: Warning, link leads to TV Tropes. Kokorikopi will not be held responsible for hours lost as a result of following them.
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Re: Touhoumon Fish and Chips (v1 Release)
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2020, 02:19:47 AM »
Minor update: The fix I was using for evolutions wasn't a fix at all. Update (from a clean FR rom) to get Stone Evolutions at a decent pace.

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Re: Touhoumon Fish and Chips (v1 Release)
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2020, 12:51:25 AM »
Update 1.1 is live! Changelog in OP.

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Re: Touhoumon Fish and Chips (v1 Release)
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2020, 06:42:58 AM »
what is the pokémon rom that I need to patch

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Re: Touhoumon Fish and Chips (v1 Release)
« Reply #4 on: November 21, 2020, 08:26:59 PM »
I have a problem, when I patch the game it does not change at all

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Re: Touhoumon Fish and Chips (v1 Release)
« Reply #5 on: November 24, 2020, 01:19:53 AM »

Okay I'm so sorry. The file has been replaced with a working patch.