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Defense Koakuma
« on: September 26, 2018, 09:49:58 AM »
Defense Koakuma@Food Rations
White Mark
64 HP/64 SpDef/2 FoDef
Ability: Healing Power
Stat Ranks: E- Speed

-Power Spot
-Supernatural Border
-Impulse/Creeping Darkness

Defense Koakuma is an incredible asset for stall teams - the typing prevents Smash Spin from clearing hazards, you have momentum with Changeling + Healing Power and access to Power Spot lets you restore your damaged walls. Supernatural Border is so you can grab the heal yourself, while Changeling lets you bring in an ally to recieve it. Impulse is a STAB that's mainly for hitting puppets weak to it, but Creeping Darkness can be run over it to weaken Focus Attackers your investment isn't made to handle that well. If passing heals to your teammates doesn't appeal to you, DKoakuma has First Aid as well as a plethora of other support moves to work with, such as Encourage, Bind Trap and Confine.